Who will control the SLO County Board of Supervisors?

June 28, 2022


With most of the ballots counted, it appears San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson is headed to a runoff with Dr. Bruce Jones in the District 2 race. In the District 4 race, Jimmy Paulding is the likely winner, though his lead has shrunk to under 4%.

The board currently consists of a three-person Republican majority: supervisors Lynn Compton, John Peschong and Debbie Arnold. With Paulding likely to win the race against Compton, the victor of the District 4 race will determine the future board majority.

Previously more than 10% apart, Paulding, a Democrat, is currently at 51.81% to Compton’s 48.19%.

The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office tallied 14,812 ballots on Tuesday, leaving only 2,845 left to count.

Gibson, a Democrat, battled three Republican challengers in June: Dr. Bruce Jones, Geoff Auslen and John Whitworth. Gibson has garnered 47.85% of the vote while his conservative opponents collected 52.15%, according to Tuesday’s count.

In order to win during the primary election, a candidate is required to have 50% of the votes plus one.

Gibson appears headed to a rematch with Dr. Bruce Jones in the Nov. 8 midterm election.

County staff plans to continue counting votes on Friday morning. CalCoastNews will provide election updates on Friday afternoon.

Local election results as of Tuesday afternoon:

SLO County District 2 Supervisor

  • Bruce Gibson – 47.85%
  • Bruce Jones – 18.88%
  • Geoff Auslen – 17.34%
  • John Whitworth – 15.93%

SLO County District 3 Supervisor

  • Dawn Ortiz-Legg – 62.80%
  • Stacy Korsgaden – 34.03%
  • Arnold Ruiz – 3.17%

SLO County District 4 Supervisor

  • Jimmy Paulding – 51.81%
  • Lynn Compton – 48.19%

SLO County Clerk Recorder

  • Elaina Cano – 61.94%
  • James Baugh – 22.15%
  • Stew Jenkins – 15.91%

SLO County Superior Court Judge # 12

  • Mike Frye – 66.84%
  • Paul Phillips – 33.16%

Oceano fire tax (2/3 needed to pass)

  • Yes – 58.17%
  • No – 41.83%

CalCoastNews will provide election updates on Friday afternoon.

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I don’t really think it matters which party controls what, and at what level of gov’t. All Politicians have become rotten thieves to their very core.

That is my position anyhow.

g’day Bruce.

I’ve already claimed victory: Bruce Gibson is no longer represents me on the BOS.

it’s pretty sad that we have come to label supervisors by political party. There is no designation for party on the ballot. Unfortunately, the press seems to love delineating sides at even the most local level.

I grew up with Paul Teixeira (County Supervisor for all too brief a period). Not saying we were friends but we often found ourselves with the same interests. I remember asking him one time what he would do as a supervisor. He simply said, when one side (conservative or liberal) is right, I will vote for that side, but if the other side is right, I’ll vote that way.

Among the Debbie Arnolds and Adam Hills and Bruce Gibsons and Lynn Comptons we have lost the bipartisanship that was once the hallmark of this county and, indeed, our nation.

I fear for the future of my grandkids when we can’t agree on the most fundamental things. And the media could care less as long as they create an Us vs.Them scenario to draw readers and comments.

Yes, those who vote will choose who gets paid to control what the State allows them to control. As for the state SERVANTS, who really has a handle on that. We have a vote but the purse controls the narrative, the press and the free money (your money) that buys their votes. As they say (for many processes), “the best system that money can buy”.

You’re going down Bruce! There is already a large movement organizing as one to eliminate the corrupt, angry, and lying Bruce Gibson. You’re a lame duck now, waiting to be kicked to the curb like debris.

Should be a real contest between the two Bruces, interesting.

Sorry commonsenseguy…. As much as you hope not, Bruce Gibson WILL win re election this upcoming November. I believe it may be close perhaps by 5 points or less. There is no doubt in my mind Gibson will prevail…. Anti Gibson haters are a LOUD MINORITY. I repeat, a loud minority. Just like all the Gavin Newsome haters that was SO SURE Newsome was going down in his recall fiasco. If you seriously want to beat Gibson you gotta put up someone with more name recognition than Moe (Jones), Larry (Auslen) or Curly (Whitworth). Oh yeah… Moe is the smart one.

I think all the supervisors are lame ducks in so many aspects, and are completely corrupted by lobbyists and outside economic interest. Hence, our ecosystem is failing and drought is here to stay and groundwater is Gonzo, inflation, over development of the wealthy, etc etc vineyards pump water from an aquifer that SHOULDNT be pumped.

Hopefully no Geoff Auslen, and Republicans, and many Democrats, are breathing a huge sigh of relief. But many of his voters may support the Gibson-style influence and abject arrogance that Auslen emulated and so desperately coveted. I find him to be a sociopath. Remember. he and Gibson were both good buddies with Adam Hill. Gibson vs. Auslen would not be a significant choice. If elected, Jones will address dysfunctional county government. I feel pretty confident that I could call Jones and talk about issues. Gibson/Auslen no, incredibly insular. They have their people, they do not want to hear from you. Auslen will now likely be running for Atascadero City Council, he needs to be stopped again.

Why would the residents of Oceano vote to raise their property taxes. Doesn’t pass the smell test……. stinks!