Most San Luis Obispo County ballots not yet tallied

June 9, 2022


With less than half the ballots tallied, it is too early to call most San Luis Obispo County races.

On Thursday afternoon, the SLO County Clerk-Recorder announced there are 48,561 uncounted ballots. Currently, the county has tallied only 39,777, or 21.87% of the 187,043 ballots the county mailed in May.

At this time, the county is boasting a 47% voter turnout. The number, however, can change as the county is required to accept mail-in ballots postmarked by 8 p.m. on June 7.

County staff is slated to start counting the remaining ballots on Friday morning, with plans to update the election results on Friday afternoon. Even so, it is unlikely final results will be available for several weeks.

CalCoastNews will provide election updates on Friday afternoon.

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The Chinese Communist Party knows of the un-intended consequences in having erections.

CCP & boners? … weird assoc … nasty … y’all need cuddle ‘n breakfast, ventured too far bro.

Estrada comments are always off the wall lol

Might as well start with the recall petition for SLO Clerk Recorder now that she is demonstrating she was a pig-in-a-poke. If anyone of your home’s utilities go out you expect the corporate or municipal workers to work through the night. Apparently, a government election count is not as essential as other municipal services and you can work at your leisure.

thus begins the loser lament

If these trends continue, we will all be losers…including you!

We already are. To have a position against the going election narrative and questioning what it has now morphed into is considered evil, criminal, and


Americans are losing their freedoms, one election at a time. We are an embarrassment to the rest of the world.

Hm, maybe promoting people into roles they’re unqualified for based on nothing but skin color and gender was a bad idea? Shocking…

This is unacceptable

The results were much faster before computers, before the smart people and more accurate when the regular people managed the process.

Losers have been complaining since dirt was invented. Give the county folks time to tally or, frankly, move elsewhere, (and I hesitate to stay this, cuz the new batch is worse that the previous) … git

France had an election recently.

They used paper ballots and had the results the next day.

I’m a bit confused.

how long should it take for a ballot mailed on 6/7 to get counted?

also, if the stated goal on Wednesday, was to have most votes counted in 8 hours today, how can it take weeks to count the few thousand that may remain?

What has happened to our elections? This is utterly unacceptable. When I was elected to the San Luis Obispo City Council at the age of 24 in 1971, I knew the vote count putting me over the top by 9 PM on election night. Are we now going backwards thinking this trend is acceptable? So much for our new County Clerk!

Keith, how many people lived in SLO county way way back in the day when you rich kids piggy backing off WW2 ran the show with your free education at university and no inflation until Reagan BS with your low cost living while the world suffered lifestyle? Are voting precautions more secure today in the technologic age? Yes, quit Trumping all over this as a public figure. How about send assurance and calm. We are informed citizens, not sheep, so quit acting like a wolf. Stop January 6ing this conspiracy crap you state. Or go have tea with Stacey reminiscing the good ol days of segregation. You’re a problem, you are the demise of functional civilization with your antiquated education and a problem as to why SLO Sucks.

kevin rise Please address the Policies, events and arguments, not the person.

It’s on every page.

Kevin, get some help. Quite the rant from an uninformed Regressive. I’m not a Trumper and I never voted for Reagan, though in this age I wish I had. As a self-proclaimed “informed” citizen, you’re the wolf in sheep’s clothing with your Groupthink, Hatespeak, and all…

Point of Clarification …Nixon, Ford and Carter gave us inflation…It was fixed under Reagan

Oh, come on. There is no comparison. In 1974 they had almost all of the ballots in hand at 8pm with a handful of mail-in ballots only available to people out of the area on election day; military, travelers, people working overseas, and those with disabilities. Mail-in ballots are now 85% of votes cast. They don’t count until Friday so they can be sure they’ve gotten the ballots mailed late Tuesday.

If Compton garners enough votes to force a runoff, the reaction from the Trib and other assorted leftists will be priceless.

Beware of malefactors in South County driving Priuses and defacing campaign signs.

Ordering my popcorn now, holding out for a Compton win!

Lord. Here we go.