Two teens arrested for arson at Paso Robles school

June 4, 2022


Police arrested two 14-year-old students on Friday who started fires and painted graffiti at Lewis Middle School in Paso Robles while filming themselves.

Investigators discovered social media posts which show the two teens setting fires around the school. Footage also shows the teens using an aerosol can and a lighter to light a paper banner on fire.

Though the vandals attempted to start several fires, they were only successful in starting a fire outside the 200 Building. The fire resulted in smoke damage to the outside of two classrooms.

Officers arrested the teens on charges of felony arson, felony vandalism and several counts of misdemeanor vandalism and transported them to the Juvenile Services Center in San Luis Obispo.

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Sounds like these teens are begging for some attention. If giving them probation , the parents need to attend some parenting classes and participate in Co-counseling with their children .Alot of today’s parents are relying on the public/government to raise their kids . Sending these kids to juvenile hall will just introduce them to other problem children looking for recruits to do their dirty work .If there is any CYA facilities still open the kids would be lucky to survive a stay there. CYA’s are worse than adult prisons AKA Gladiator Camps and more than likely leave CYA as a full blown gang member that has missions to perform as ordered by their fellow gang members

Put them in Juvi, then transfer to prison. They have proven themselves too stupid to live in society.

We all made bad decisions when young; but posting it on social media?!? There’s just no sense of consequences or personal responsibility any more :/