California bans state-funded travel to nearly half of the country

July 19, 2022

Gov. Gavin Newsom


In response to a wave of “anti-LGBTQ+ legislation” across the country, California now bans state-funded travel to 22 U.S. states, including the one in which Gov. Gavin Newsom recently vacationed. [New York Times]

California’s ban on state-funded travel emerged following the 2016 adoption of a North Carolina law that restricted access to single-gender bathrooms to only people of the corresponding sex, as determined by one’s birth certificate. The California Legislature responded to the North Carolina law with the adoption of AB 1887.

AB 1887 prohibits California state agencies from authorizing state-funded travel to states that have enacted legislation enabling discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. California adopted AB 1887 in order to “avoid supporting or financing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

When enacted, AB 1887 applied to four states. Six years later, the ban has widened considerably, and the list of states to which California employees cannot travel on the state’s dime has grown to 22.

Recently, pushback against the law has grown, particularly following Gov. Newsom’s vacation in Montana earlier this month. Montana is on California’s travel ban list.

Newsom’s office says the governor’s travel to Montana was not paid for by the state, and that his state-funded security detail does not violate AB 1887. Critics accused Newsom of hypocrisy for railing against Republican-led states’ conservative policies and then vacationing in one of the states on the travel ban list.

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It’s funny when people who want states to restrict things they don’t like, get upset when a state restricts things most voters don’t like.

May I ask why my comment was deleted?

Off topic.

“While we’re on the subject…” No.

What is off topic about pointing out that Newsom travels whenever and wherever he pleases?….

You did not read the off topic comment that is referenced and it wasn’t about that.

If people want to bring up anything about anything every time they are triggered there are places for that.

Ha. Like those states care.

Yes, those states, as well many others, can’t stand California policies which puts a stain on all Californians, almost as though we are a new treasonous party. The objection to California policies should be a national movement before the Newsom nuisance spreads like another virus.

“puts a stain on all Californians, almost as though we are a new treasonous party.”

No not all, just on the treasonous ones that like the weather but hate the people who live here. Better to have Newsom then a bunch of big grift seditionist haters.

States rights, just like Fl Az Tx.

They should ban state funded travel to all locations outside of California.

All of this stupidity because a state said if you are boy you use male bathroom and same for females seems pretty sensible to me but now a days you you can’t even call a man a man or a women a women they are birthing and non birthing people. Is this country gotten that plain stupid !!! Get a grip and get back to values not rightness in a idiots mind !!!!

“Everyone has the right to their views on anything without ridicule as long as it’s not violent. We are supposed to be a free country setting standards for all other peoples but instead we are a bunch of fools. ” – mullyman

And here you are ridiculing people?

Champion against intolerance my ass

Once again, the state of California is attempting to force its will on other parts of the country.

As far as Newsom “do as I say not as I do” shows a lack of leadership skills.

The rules are for the little people not the governing elite.

“force its will on other parts of the country.” By not going there, lol

At least we are not like texas pols, who are trying to pass a bill to prevent women from traveling.

Freedom for men, women and children should know their place. /s

And there is a sigh of relief from those 22 states.

The states pushing to stop interracial marriage, gay marriage and education in general? Sherman should have gone all the way to the Florida keys.

Just par for the course for this guy. Look the other way, folks.

Yes lets look to Texas, Florida and Arizona, plenty of room. Lol.