SLO County gas prices drop further, find the lowest cost

July 4, 2022


Gas prices continue falling because of decreased demand and lower crude oil prices, a trend experts believe will continue. During the past week, the average price of gas in San Luis Obispo County dropped by 27 cents to $6.24 a gallon, according to figures from AAA.

SLO County currently has the fifth highest price for gas in the state. Listing the highest average price, Mono County’s price for a gallon of regular gasoline this week is $7.24.

The national average price for a gallon of gas dropped 10 cents during the past week to $4.80.

Where in SLO County do you find the cheapest gas prices? Using data from GasBuddy, we’ve compiled a list of gas stations with cheaper prices.

Top 10 lowest priced gas stations in SLO County:

  1. San Paso Truck Stop – Paso Robles, Wellsona Road: $5.99
  2. Shell – Atascadero, El Camino Real: $6.15
  3. Sinclair – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $6.17
  4. KLEM’S – Atascadero, El Camino Real: $6.17
  5. VP Racing Fuels – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $6.19
  6. Flyers –  Grover Beach, Grand Avenue: $6.19
  7. Conserve Fuel –  San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa Street: $6.19
  8. Spirit – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $6.19
  9. Mobil – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $6.19
  10. Shell – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $6.19

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Booyah Wellsona Road! Bring your 5 gallon cans! Load up! Nice trip to see the good folks in San Miguel and get some good wine and eats too