Gas costs continue steady decline, find the lowest prices

August 7, 2022


A decrease in gasoline demand along with an increase in domestic stocks, which are up more than 12%, have led to falling gasoline prices. During the past week, the average price of gas in San Luis Obispo County dropped 11 cents to $5.81 a gallon, according to figures from AAA.

SLO County currently has the seventh highest price for gas in the state. Listing the highest average price, Mono County’s price for a gallon of regular gasoline this week is $6.68.

The national average price for a gallon of gas dropped 15 cents during the past week to $4.06.

Where in SLO County do you find the cheapest gas prices? Using data from GasBuddy, we’ve compiled a list of gas stations with cheaper prices.

Top 10 lowest priced gas stations in SLO County:

  1. San Paso Truck Stop – Paso Robles, Wellsona Road: $5.09
  2. 76 – Atascadero, Morro Road: $5.29
  3. 7-Eleven – Atascadero, El Camino Real: $5.29
  4. VP Racing Fuels – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $5.39
  5. Flyers – Grover Beach, Grand Avenue: $5.39
  6. Oceano Market – Oceano, Front Street: $5.49
  7. Arco – Arroyo Grande, Barnett Street: $5.54
  8. Chevron – Arroyo Grande, Grand Avenue: $5.59
  9. One Stop Food – Paso Robles, Creston Road: $5.59
  10. Speedway Express – Paso Robles, 24th Street: $5.59

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If you live within the city, Gas Buddy reports Costco at $5.49 and Conserve Fuel on the corner of South and Broad is $5.69

Costco doesn’t charge extra for using a credit card like ALL the rest do.

As soon as the election is over the prices will zoom right up again. Wonder why the prices are going down a little now!

And you know this how? Wanna make some stock picks genius?

Because Biden will still be in office.