Investigative reporter murdered, public official arrested

September 10, 2022

Jeff German


A leading public official in Clark County in Nevada was arrested on Sept. 7 for the alleged murder of an investigative reporter whose stories likely led to Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles losing his primary election.

On Sept. 3, the body of  Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German, 69, was found outside his home. The reporter was stabbed to death while working on a follow up story about Telles.

German wrote multiple articles critical of Tellas, who was accused of creating a toxic work environment and engaged in a questionable relationship with a female subordinate.

During Tellas’ initial court appearance, prosecutors said DNA evidence found under the reporter’s fingernails matched Tellas.

Tellas allegedly stabbed German seven times. German’s arms showed defensive wounds.

The judge ordered Tellas detained without bail.

“We are … outraged that a colleague appears to have been killed for reporting on an elected official,” the newspaper’s executive editor Glenn Cook said in a statement. “Journalists can’t do the important work our communities require if they are afraid a presentation of facts could lead to violent retribution.”

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A huge percentage of elected public officials, and unelected bureaucrats, are corrupt. Just look at their net worth before they are elected and compare it after they have been in the office a few years. If you threaten to interfere with their profitable graft, they will go to extreme measures to silence you.

We need term limits at every level. We need audits of personal finances for many, many public servants. We need enforcement of existing laws, with prosecution of those who are corrupt.

Voting for candidates who pledge to dismantle the regulatory state is a good first step.

Aye men. did a fantastic job uncovering the public corruption involving SLO County, City of SLO, Helios Dayspring, Megan’s Organic Market and SLOCAL ROOTS. Without their investigative reporting the FBI would have never come in to uncover the public corruption, tax evasion and money laundering. The investigation continues with Dayspring in prison and the Ciy of SLO trying to sweep the permit application fraud of Megan’s Organic Market and SLOCAL Roots under the rug. The undue influence exerted by Quinn Brady’s sexual affair with Heidi Harmon is something they don’t even want mentioned.

Donated to whatever you can afford!

Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump were instrumental in getting the public to hate reporters. Spreading that kind of hatred gets people killed in our whacked, over-amped society , no matter what political party they are from.

This is in Clark County, Nevada.

According to Gov official during TV news interview Mr. Telles will not be removed from his elected seat .He will continue to serve his elected position from jail .Mr. Telles will also not be losing any pay from his 130k salary ….WOW ..How can Clark County officials allow this travesty to be true

Isn’t their motto, ” What happens in Clark County stays in Clark County”?

Innocent till proven guilty, I’m sure he’ll more than pay after his conviction.

No way! Telles is from the party of “tolerance”. He can’t possibly be guilty of such a crime!