Bruce Gibson supports special interests, ignores the needs of seniors

October 14, 2022

Supervisor Bruce Gibson


Many San Luis Obispo County residents are struggling to pay their bills amid our current financial crisis. Instead of fighting for those on fixed incomes, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson votes for special interests.

Gibson’ votes support consultants, nonprofit administrative staffers and his friends while others in our community suffer under the higher costs of food, gas and now trash rates.

With his close friend Paavo Ogren at the helm of the SLO County waste agency, the IWMA, Gibson fought to keep the overpriced agency going. He also fought against an audit of employees, which led to fraud charges.

In the end, several county areas were able to leave the IWMA and work directly under the county, a move Gibson voted against.

The IWMA charges more than double what the county charges. In Cambria and Cayucos, trash collection rates are going up between 40% and 60%.

Compare that to 3.5% to 22% increases in trash rates for those living in Creston and Santa Margarita, areas no longer working with the IWMA.

Gibson supports closing Diablo Canyon power plant, which would lead to higher electric bills. He also supports adding a fee to housing construction, to give to an influential nonprofit.

Please vote Bruce Gibson out of office, our community deserves better.

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this time and this juncture is indeed a great time to defeat tax-man Bruce…

WOW! Finally some truthful information.

Gibson is accusing his opponent Dr. Bruce Jones of lying.

Gibson has build a power base through corruption and intimidation. Time to FIRE GIBSON and HIRE JONES.