Convicted killer Scott Peterson moved from death row

October 25, 2022

Scott Peterson


Convicted killer Scott Peterson moved last week from San Quentin State Prison, where he spent much of the last two decades, mostly on death row, to Mule Creek State Prison in Amador County.

Mule Creek State Prison is known for housing sensitive needs yard inmates, who would be safety or security concerns if housed with the general population. High-notoriety inmates are among those who qualify for the sensitive needs yard designation. 

Scott Peterson, a 50-year-old former San Luis Obispo resident, met his wife Laci Peterson while they both were attending Cal Poly.

In 2002, Laci Peterson, 27, was due to give birth in four weeks when she disappeared on Christmas Eve. Scott Peterson told police he had left the couple’s Modesto home that morning to go fishing in Berkeley.

Nearly four months later, Laci Peterson’s remains washed up on a rocky shore of San Francisco Bay. A passerby found them a few miles from where Scott Peterson said he had gone fishing.

In 2004, a San Mateo County jury convicted Scott Peterson of the first-degree murder of his wife and the second-degree murder of the fetus. He was sentenced to death for the murders.

Scott Peterson also attended Cal Poly at the same time as Kristin Smart and was once investigated for a possible connection to Smart’s disappearance, but was ruled out as a suspect in the case. Recently, the defense attorney for Paul Flores attempted to make the argument that Peterson was a possible suspect in the Cal Poly student’s disappearance. But, a judge did not allow it, and earlier this month, Flores was convicted of Smart’s murder.

In Aug. 2020, the California Supreme Court overturned Peterson’s death sentence after determining individuals who could have served on the jury were wrongfully dismissed after they indicated objections to the death penalty.

Then in Nov. 2021, Peterson was taken off death row and moved to San Mateo County Jail.

After the state Supreme Court decision, prosecutors opted not to seek another death sentence. In Dec. 2021, a judge sentenced Peterson to life in prison without the possibility of parole for his wife’s murder, plus a concurrent sentence of 15 years to life for the second-degree murder of their unborn child.

Following the issuance of his new sentence, Peterson remained in San Mateo County Jail for several months. Earlier this year, he returned to San Quentin, though not the death row housing unit.

Even though Peterson has been resentenced, he is still attempting to get his murder conviction overturned. Peterson’s attorneys have argued their client should be granted a new trial on the basis of juror misconduct.

In Oct. 2020, the state Supreme Court ordered San Mateo County Superior Court to determine whether a juror committed prejudicial misconduct by failing to disclose her prior involvement with other legal proceedings, including being the victim of a crime.

A ruling on whether Peterson will get a new trial is expected in the coming weeks.

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Since Scott’s case has been under the microscope the last 2 years , at the same time Paul Flores and his father have been under new investigation and have received their judgements .Meanwhile Scott has been awarded gifts of more freedom and a lesser sentence and possibly is being promised a new trial .Scott knew Kristin Smart and attended the same parties as she did .It has always been in the back of my mind Scott has received special treatment to keep quiet and to not offer any info on his relationship with Kristin … If a person follows the time lines for last 2 years …Paul Flores was found guilty and 1 week later Scott is moved to a lower security prison and is under protective custody.. Between the 3 cases everything seems to have moved as if coordinated with each case to provide a conviction of Paul Flores .I understand Scott would not want to be within 500 feet of the disappearance of Kristin case , even though the Flores legal team announced that Scott could be called to testify , but everybody knew he would plead the 5th

Public floggings or executions may be socially advisable because few will go watch that. For those who do, someone can make a living selling hotdogs and popcorn. Having to glimpse at these horrific stories over and over again makes me want disconnect with what’s going on. This is a big problem as it affects participatory government. This could be why most public meeting are poorly attended and as they say, “we have the government we deserve”.

Was it by chance that Peterson and Flores both attended the party where Kristin Smart was last seen? Was it by chance that two murderers walked the Cal Poly campus at the same time?

We will probably never know.

If you ever wanted to attach a face to the label “Malignant Narcissist” there you go.

Good. Maybe the inmates will do what the state of California was too cowardly to do. He deserves nothing less for what he did.

“Sensitive needs inmate”? Who knew!? I wonder if this monster cared about the sensitive needs of his wife Lacy, unborn Conner, and Laci’s family and friends.

Of course he didn’t. Hoping he gets his just due at Mule Creek.

I loathe our justice, I mean injustice system! What a farce.