Tribune’s bias undeniable in SLO County supervisor race

October 24, 2022


The Tribune’s latest editorial over the San Luis Obispo County District 2 race reads like a Bruce Gibson campaign flyer and not like an unbiased examination of the candidates. I wholly disagree with the editorial team’s conjectures.

For full disclosure, I am a member of the Bruce Jones for District 2 supervisor team and want to correct the record. When the head of the Republican Party compared Dr. Bruce Jones to Supervisor Debbie Arnold, he was referring to Dr. Jones’ integrity, intelligence, consideration for the needs of the public and congeniality.

Instead of noting what was said on a radio show, the Tribune editorial parrots Gibson’s campaign claiming that the comparison to Arnold makes Dr. Jones a Trumper and an election denier, both are untrue.

Continuing on with the inaccurate conjectures, the Tribune editorial board determined that Dr. Jones is on the wrong side of climate action because he wants to keep Diablo Canyon power plant open and has concerns with floating windmills off Morro Bay. Dr. Jones wants to keep Diablo Canyon open because it produces energy without releasing carbon.

Other than Gibson, almost every Democratic official in California supports keeping Diablo open to ensure a reliable energy source.

For more than a decade, Gibson and Hill pushed a 10-year plan to stop homelessness with a focus on case management. Gibson and Hill repeatedly voted to provide the nonprofit managing the program and the local shelter, who Hill’s girlfriend and then wife worked for, tens of millions of dollars. This was a time the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which provided the county homeless services funding, was promoting a housing first program that had much greater results.

Also during this time, SLO County had the second highest number of unhoused people per population in the country, demonstrating Hill and Gibson’s program did not work. Currently, SLO County is ranked third highest for the number of unhoused people.

As part of his campaign, Gibson has bragged about his success with homelessness. Dr. Jones pointed out the failures of the 10-year-plan and the Tribune editorial board wrote that Gibson was an alternate when he signed the 10-year-plan and was not responsible for the issues, which we believe is inaccurate as Gibson promoted and voted to fund it for a decade.

The misinformation is the reason multiple Republicans refuse to interview with the Tribune, you twist everything around as is manifested in your editorial.

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Hey Trib, quick question: Why did it take a sound engineering nerd to do the job YOU guys failed to do for 20-something years on the Kristin Smart story?

Reminds me of how it took bloggers years of reporting to do the job the Trib failed to do out in Los Osos to get that nonsensical “mid-town” sewer plant FINALLY moved out of town… AFTER the Trib popped out 3 — THREE! — editorials in support of that “mid-town” disaster (that Bruce Gibson voted to approve).

It would have been SO much better for the people of Los Osos had the Trib (and, frankly, Supervisor Gibson) simply not existed during that time. They made things SOOOO much worse, and, to this day, have yet to admit it.

Worse. Than. Nothing.

The Trib is biased? No.


The author of this piece ignores the fact that an editorial, by its very nature, is supposed to be biased. That’s why it is referred to as a “opinion piece”.

As far as tribune news articles go, I find that they are very fair. Unfortunately, there are others like the author, who consider news biased when the facts are not aligned with the way that they would prefer to have them.

The Telegram Trib……. what? Never heard of it!

It’s what you wrap fish in, or line a bird’s cage with.