Why I am voting for James Papp for San Luis Obispo City Council

October 7, 2022

James Papp


The question of night hiking in our wildlands is a great example of the wrong headedness of much of the San Luis Obispo City Council. Time and again they have voted against native animals in favor of invasive species, us.

Our wildlife should get special attention, not special neglect.

It is imperative we protect what little is left of their habitat and natural rhythms. The selfish “we want it all, we will take everything” attitude of the dolts in power is astonishing.

Here is another amazing example from the fools on the hill. Years ago when the council was set once again to approve a project downtown that exceeded established building heights that stellar organization Save Our Downtown protested. One simple request we had was for the city to, or force the developer to, place storey poles by the project so anyone nearby could visually see the scope of the projected building. A simple and cheap visual tool to allow the citizens to evaluate this aspect of the proposal.

Denied without comment.

I believe Jim would vote alternatively on these and other important issues.

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Papp has zero chance of being elected to City Council – he only garnered 11.5% of the vote last time around. His past behavior and refusal to find solutions to simple issues (the cat caper), and his apparent inability to work respectfully with others (his removal by Council from the CHC), shows his lack of electability. He may be knowledgeable in matters of architectural history, but he certainly hasn’t demonstrated any leadership skills.

Mr. Trask … no, we don’t accommodate criminals by providing a process for them to commit their crimes.

Oh, fiddlesticks. When I was at Poly in the 60’s we tramped all over the canyon, what is now Bishop Peak and Madonna at night. Nobody hurt. No issues. It’s only been a few decades since it wasn’t against any ordinance. The permit process seems to be an excellent compromise.

Will the author of this opinion piece kindly explain why he opposes trail hiking at night in San Luis Obispo? This article does not make the case for either position. And it doesn’t make clear what Mr. Papp’s position is on the issue or why.

Nevertheless, my feeling is that Mr. Papp probably would make a positive contribution if elected to the council.

But restricting people from hiking at night? That does not sound like a good idea to me. It’s my feeling that the more we can get people to adventure into nature without intention to harm anything, the better.

Is this the catnapper? Who believes we don’t own our cats. In the UK it is considered cruel and unusual punishment to not let your cat out yet if we do it here the pompous puppets consider us the enemy

What, now. I couldn’t make heads nor tails of your points. You don’t favor night hiking, I guess. But, Cal Poly students have been doing it for years. Isn’t it better to have a permit process since it’s already happening.

Anyway, Papp reminds me of Commander Lawrence in The Handmaid’s Tale with the perpetual neck scarf. Maybe a bit eccentric? Just guessing.