Wild pigs tear up turf at Santa Margarita park

October 7, 2022


A roving band of wild pigs tore up a significant amount of turf at the Santa Margarita Community Park, just a week after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill hoping to help battle the state’s growing wild pig problem.

San Luis Obispo County park rangers have ordered a granular repellent to put on the turf, that results in a bitter taste. Wild pigs root up and overturn soil to access foods such as roots, grubs and crustaceans.

After finding a way to deter the pigs, the rangers plan to repair the damage.

The ongoing drought has exasperated the issue as pigs travel to more urban areas to find food.

Lat month, Gov. Newsom signed a bill into law in an attempt to get a handle on the state’s approximately 400,000 wild pigs.

Authored by state Senator Bill Dodd, D-Napa, SB 856 loosens regulations and lowers hunting fees for wild pigs.


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Revert them back to varmint status, no limit, and find your pig problem suddenly gone. Just like it was before the state classified them as game animals, and charged fees and set limits.


Did you not read “Lat month, Gov. Newsom signed a bill into law”?

The law:

The new bill reclassifies wild pigs from “protected game animal” to “exotic species.” The new designation makes it easier to kill them, and no limits on hunting them.

“SB 856 moves from pig tags to pig validations, allowing hunters to pay one price for unlimited take,” explains Dodd.


The real point is the hunting of pigs should never of changed as it was free before and then Government as usual figured out how to make a buck off of something without putting anything out to really solve the problem thus the pig population exploded, but now the great government has the solution let the people shoot all they want but we still want our cut for basically doing nothing so charge $25 and that will solve our pig problem. Like everything else the government touches it only helps them out.


mullyman: “The real point is” No, that’s you backfilling your previous comment like it goes back in time and changes history.

mullyman: “Revert them back to varmint status, no limit, and find your pig problem suddenly gone.” Exotic species, no limit, done just like you wanted.

mullyman: “point is the hunting of pigs should never of changed as it was free before and then Government as usual”

In 1957 wild pigs were designated a game mammal in California, Goodwin Knight was Governor, a republican. As for the $25 dollars? you would recover that with the first 2 pigs taken, but free stuff is better right?


Kettle if your comments are the 4 above it’s over my dumb head as don’t care who was Governor agree it should never of been changed but state needs to make a buck and yes you would get money spent back per say but that’s not the point.


Kettle, I made the OP, not mullyman. Try to keep up.

Pig tags are $25.92 EACH. Want to kill 25 pigs that are uprooting your vineyard? That’ll be $648 please. This is on top of the $54 resident license fee. Not to mention, so much land has been deemed “no hunting” by big city folks buying up the county, that having a non-government owned area to hunt is a near impossibility, and the Forests and BLM lands overrun with hunters every year.

Since you do not hunt, you wouldn’t know this.