Mountain lions continue to cause concern in San Luis Obispo

November 30, 2022


Mountain lion sightings are continuing to worry some San Luis Obispo residents, particularly after one pet was killed and another was threatened.

Video shared on Next Door by SLO resident Natalie Davis shows a mountain lion chasing her mid-size dog around a yard at a San Luis Obispo home. Residents at the home were yelling for the dog to come inside as it stayed out in the yard and faced the mountain lion. It was the second mountain lion sighting in the span of a week, Davis wrote.

Previously, a mountain lion killed a San Luis Obispo resident’s cat.

Earlier this month, amid mountain lion sightings, the city of San Luis Obispo issued a wildlife advisory and temporarily closed the Irish Hills and Johnson Ranch open spaces. The closures included hiking and biking trails.

A mountain lion was also spotted at Vista Del Lago park. California Fish and Wildlife personnel, who are tracking the animals, believe multiple mountains lions have been spotted in the San Luis Obispo area, though it seems there may have only been one around Vista Del Lago park. [KSBY]

Fish and Wildlife personnel are using cameras to track at least one mountain lion’s activity, as well as to determine its sex age. The mountain lion’s current whereabouts are unknown.

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Just can’t get that Pink Panther tune out of my head. da dump, da dump, da da, da da, da da, da da….da da…….. da da da.

Keep complaining…. Soon enough you’ll have the dead mountain lion you’re seemingly so desperate for :/ The modern interaction with wildlife from “city folk” is beyond appalling these days. No respect whatsoever then panic and uproar whenever an encounter(likely human initiated) occurs. Stop feeding, trying to pet, and domesticating wildlife; please.

America, Land of the Free and mountain lions.

Put out a battery powered no flash game camera, the critters are out there. So, an idea! Reintroduce Grey Wolves and Grizzly Bears, an idiot’s idea to balance out the Caterwauls!

It’s the unhealthy Cougar, and the ones not afraid of people, you got to watch out for. Based on my experience … Cougars give a very confident casual side glance. If they aren’t hungry or …

Ever hear one scream? You won’t forget the sound. Take an early evening or nice night hike … like an idiot … alone.