Jury finds SLO developer guilty of fraud and theft

December 14, 2022

Jeremy Pemberton


A jury found a local developer guilty of two counts of securities fraud, one count of financial elder abuse, and two counts of grand theft related to his attempt to garner investors for a proposed bowling alley and bar in San Luis Obispo, the SLO County District Attorney announced Wednesday.

Jeremy Pemberton, 38, faces a prison sentence of up 16 years, four months in jail. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 7.

In 2014, Jeremy Pemberton and his twin brothers began to solicit investors in their plan to turn the site of the San Luis Obispo Sports Authority into a bowling alley, restaurant and performance site for live music. Their goal was to open in late 2015.

At the time, San Luis Obispo city officials voted in favor of the brother’s plans even though they had been accused of fraud regarding similar proposals in Santa Barbara County. The twins’ prior business deals resulted in claims of fraud and a bankruptcy with $1.4 million in unpaid wages, debts and charity pledges that were never fulfilled.

In his SLO fundraising scheme, Pemberton fraudulently obtaining in excess of $500,000 from one victim and more than $200,000 from another. He misrepresented the amount of financing he had received from other investors and failed to disclose a default on the lease for 1144 Chorro Street in San Luis Obispo.

The project was promoted by Pemberton but was never completed.

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So will Pemberton be allowed to change his name before sentencing ? Others before him did so and their sentences went onto their temporary new names criminal records.If Pemberton had just paid attention to news media and read Cal Coast News he could have possibly modified his behavior before it turned criminal

Another Honor Roll graduate from the Micheal Blank School of unethical behavior.

I’m sure in defense of the city, they can only move forward with any proposed project because all are innocent until proven guilty. Never mind the city wanted and or needed the fees, tax revenue and heaven forbid government is never accused of a conflict of interest. Again innocent until proven guilty, the best defense so hurry up and process those approvals for dope, digs or entitlements.

“I’m sure in defense of the city,……”

So you are accusing a jury/Dan Dow and the city of SLO of corruption?

What evidence do you have that little Jeremy is innocent? Or is your comment just some R shit stirring/trolling? How does just making things up help?

He is most certainly a troll, I see him post like this often. I am surprised at how long the Pemberton brothers have been allowed to continue. They have been unethical and dishonest for years, in SB and SLO counties. It is refreshing to finally see one get caught!

As I recall, the Pembertons’ scamming efforts were given the proctologist treatment by Karen here at CalcoastNews, way back in 2014. I wouldn’t be surprised if Danny Dow’s efforts were the direct result of Velie’s reporting.

Dang. The Copeland family was close to finally cashing in on their $40k/mo + NNN Chorro & Marsh corner property.

Too bad Pemberton didn’t have a coffee shop/hair salon/yogurt land concept. Would have been a smash hit downtown!

“Too bad Pemberton didn’t have a coffee shop/hair salon/yogurt land concept. Would have been a smash hit downtown!”

Isn’t that the truth! And don’t forget crepe shops.