Nine outages leave 11,767 SLO County users without power

December 10, 2022


Three large and six moderate outages in San Luis Obispo County have left 11,767 PG&E customers without power on Sunday evening, as strong winds and heavy rains pound the county.

The lights went out in parts of San Luis Obispo to 3,673 PG&E customers at about 6 p.m. Shortly afterwards, 5,534 PG&E customers lost power in Atascadero and in Creston.

At 7:26 p.m., 4,058 PG&E customers in Cayucos and Morro Bay lost power. Smaller outages left portions of Grover Beach, rural Arroyo Grande, San Miguel and Nipomo without power.

PG&E officials point at the weather as the primary reason for the multiple outages.

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Please explain to me how I could grow up on the east coast in hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms in the 50s and 60s, and lose power so infrequently compared to California.

Yes, we had above ground power also.

I belive in 10 years in california I have experienced more outages than in 50 years of living elsewhere in unpleasant climates. Go figure!

Main reason is Ca won’t let any new electric generating plants or upgrades be done under the you will change climate fiasco and also when you basically have one or two companies controlling all the power they really don’t care that much about keeping things upgraded unless they get paid well which if you look at your bill they get a lot

Its only going to get worse…

PG&E’s CEO making over 1 million in total compensation for starters