Paso Robles elementary school reports cyberbullying incident

December 19, 2022


The school resource officer at Winifred Pifer Elementary School in Paso Robles reported a cyberbullying incident that occurred last week.

On Dec. 13,  a concerned citizen notified Winifred Pifer Elementary School of a SnapChat cyberbullying issue. In addition, a picture of a possible weapon was posted online.

Officer Alex Ellis, the school’s resource officer, open an investigation. He determined the weapon pictured was a BB gun and that no threat was made to the school or any person.

The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District and Ellis are collaborating on
a joint effort to educate students and parents of the dangers of social media use and

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Did they stop teaching “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”? Cause I learned that lesson in 1st grade I believe. Talk crap until you are literally blue in the face; I do not care. Have some self respect and confidence. Lack thereof is the true problem. Strictly a parenting issue if you as me.

The fact that bullying has gone from the physical in my day to the cyber of today is really not a surprise at all.

Bullies and bullying have been around for millenia.

Does your child have a “right” to possess a smartphone at school? Cyber bullying is hard to do without a device in hand from 8-3 pm.

Beyond enabling cyber bullying cell phones interrupt concentration and are generally disruptive. It is hard to argue otherwise.

Cell use affects the brain similar to illicit drugs. Do we send kids to school with drugs in their back pocket?

Cyber bullying would not be as big of a problem for schools if electronic devices were not allowed on campus. It is that simple.

Is ADHD really exploding or are our kids allowed to be distracted 24/7.