Santa Barbara County judge rules against Raytheon in racial harassment suit

December 14, 2022


A Santa Barbara County judge this week rejected an attempt by defense contractor Raytheon to throw a racial harassment and retaliation complaint out of court. [Santa Barbara Independent]

Marcus Greene, a fire marshal for Raytheon’s environmental services department, alleged that a fellow employee in the company’s Goleta office placed a photo of a gorilla at Greene’s workplace multiple times. Greene is Black and alleges the photos were intended to mock his race.

This employee, along with several other managers and coworkers participated in creating a hostile, racist work environment, Greene alleges. The fire marshal also accused them of ignoring communications about fire safety.

When Greene brought the issues to the attention of Raytheon higher-ups, the company changed his job duties, effectively demoting him, he argues.

Raytheon denies that any of the individuals named in the suit actually supervised Greene. The company also denies that Greene was demoted or received any kind of loss in pay.

Judge Colleen Sterne rejected a summary judgement motion that Raytheon’s attorneys filed against Greene, which argued there were no triable issues of fact or law to be resolved. Sterne said there are triable issues of fact, law and interpretation still to be addressed in the case.

The ruling allows the case to proceed in court.

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The fact about this case that I know to be true is that the judge has approved the cash cow to move forward. The point about Blacks and Gorillas as far as I know they come from the same continent and a very big company has already used a gorillas to depict Africans, a boy with wooden shoes for Holland etc. and the company had to pay big dollars for their cartoon depiction of Africa. With solid proof Mr. Greene, the court system and his lawyer, I suspect they will be well funded even if it has to go through an appeal. I wonder if there is any money in Juan Valdez and his burro?

Seriously? If someone wanted to show Africa. Why not Victoria falls? Or a lion? Or a heart transplant? Why a KNOWN disrespectful image? Do you think a single person doesn’t know what you’re pretending to sugar coat? Some might agree with the characterization. Some might secretly laugh, or vehemently disagree, but NO INE can deny what they intended whether s grown ass man can admit it or not.

Greene might get some money but it is the lawyers that will win.

Good. I hope Greene wins!

I do too. Raytheon is known to turn a blind eye to situations. I recently had a young family member working there who was harassed by another employee after they stopped dating. The other employee has a history of this and has stood in front of a judge more then once. My family member quit, that person is still employed. It was disappointing to know this, as I had always thought of Raytheon as being a top employer in SB. This story does not surprise me at all.