Twitter auctioning unique items from California headquarters

December 12, 2022

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Following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the San Francisco-based social media company plans to auction off surplus items from its headquarters, including commercial kitchen and office equipment.

Next moth, Twitter will auction off statues, refrigerators, stoves, chairs and more. The auction will also include some more technologically advanced items, such as smart TVs, mobile media centers and digital whiteboards, as well as commercial kitchen supplies, including ice machines, a heavy-duty griddle and espresso machines.

There will be a more than three-foot-tall Twitter bird statue up for auction, along with a more than six-foot-tall “@“ sculpture planter. The planter currently has artificial plants, but they can be replaced with live ones.

Heritage Global Partners will host the auction, which is scheduled to run from Jan. 17 at 7 a.m. to Jan. 18 at 10 a.m. Opening bids on items will range from $25 to $50.

The auction comes after Musk’s downsizing of Twitter’s staff and demands that remaining employees work harder and longer hours.

Forbes senior editor Katharine Schwab said it is pretty obvious there are Twitter employees sleeping at the office. The company started converting some of its empty headquarters offices into bedrooms for employees, and full queen-sized beds and mattresses were brought into Twitter HQ, Schwab said.

The San Francisco Department of Buildings Inspection is investigating the matter, saying Twitter must use its headquarters building as it was intended.

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Social media is a modern scourge of our society.

Someone is going to get a very expensive, Italian made espresso machine(s). for a bargain.

Why was this article written?

It’s for the readers who may have….skipped the intro.

It also points out, the lack of business acumen rampant in the Twitter HQ. Insted of relying on a standard of hard work and fairness to all customers, they enticed employees to play with expensive coffee makers, $4 million annually in optional lunches, play rooms, and odd assortments of toys and gadgets that had nothing to do with operating an information site.

Seemingly, it took an actual businessman to understand that MORE business and revenue could be had, with but 1/3 of the staff and expensive toys.

“it took an actual businessman to understand”

Step one : Set Billions of dollars on fire…

“To cut costs, Twitter has not paid rent for its San Francisco headquarters or any of its global offices for weeks…Twitter’s leaders have also discussed the consequences of denying severance payments to thousands of people who have been laid off since the takeover….

“Tesla’s value is down more than 52% since the Twitter buyout was approved on April 25, while the S&P 500 is only off 5.5%. And Tesla stock is off 29% since the deal closed on Oct. 27, much worse than the S&P 500’s 6.6% gain in that time. Shares are down again Wednesday, by 3.4% to 155.38.

“That’s shredding a jaw-dropping amount of wealth for Tesla investors. The value of Tesla is down $339 billion from the Twitter deal’s approval and $206 billion from the close. Musk, as the largest shareholder with 14.1% of the company, he’s personally lost $47.9 billion from the time the Twitter deal closed.” (glad I sold mine months ago).

Everyone who works for Twitter or did work for Twitter and was fired or quit can thank Musk for saving that bloated company… Twitter was about to collapse under its own weight…. pampered employees and all…. straighten the place out remove the political favoritism and it will be Great Again… no pun intended…