Latest storm pushed SLO County rain totals well above normal

December 12, 2022


A storm soaked San Luis Obispo County over the past three days, pushing rainfall totals well above average after three years of drought.

From San Miguel to Nipomo, the storm brought between .79 of an inch and 8.55 inches of rain to SLO County. Rain totals were highest in North County, with Rocky Butte – a mountain northeast of Cambria – getting 8.55 inches, Santa Margarita with 6.16 inches and the Lake Nacimiento area receiving 5.71 inches.

However, the last three years were the driest on record. Meteorologists find it is too soon to determine if the early rains will ease the county’s severe drought designation.

Climate scientists track rain from July 1 through June 31. This years totals are well above the average for mid-December, according to averages listed on the SLO County monthly precipitation reports. January is typically the wettest month in SLO County.

Rainfall totals from July 1 through Dec. 12, along with average yearly rainfall:

Arroyo Grande – 7.60 inches to date – average 14.09 inches

Atascadero – 6.46 inches to date – average 12.06 inches

Lopez Dam – 10.65 inches to date – average 18.48 inches

Los Osos – 8.17 inches to date – average 15.77 inches

Nipomo – 5.52 inches to date – average 12.62 inches

Oceano – 6.55 inches to date – average 12.26 inches

Rocky Butte – 27.34 inches to date – average 34.75 inches

San Luis Obispo – 6.19 inches to date – average 16.82 inches

San Simeon – 8.30 inches to date – average 15.12 inches

Santa Margarita – 10.31 inches to date – average 16.96 inches

Shandon – 4.89 inches to date – average 8.44 inches

Templeton – 7.87 inches to date – average 13.05 inches

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Don’t jinx us! remember last year we started off great then pfffft!

Just dumb me but if the average is twice the amt to date how has that pushed us well over the average?

Pay day for the Water Board that will levee fines to all the sewer districts (you) that will not be able to process and their discharge will exceed the allowable health standards.

Nice! Long range forecast calling for more rain next week.

Los Osos recieved a solid 5 minutes of pea sized hail yesterday!! Two hours later I was enjoying a hike with mostly blue skies in MDO. Trippy!