Nearly 300 people searching near San Miguel for missing boy, photos

January 21, 2023

Missing 5-year-old Kyle Doan


A massive search is underway today near San Miguel for missing 5-year-old Kyle Doan, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office announced Saturday.

Nearly 300 people from 10 counties in California are involved in the search, along with the California Office of Emergency Services and Cal Fire. Searchers include divers, search and rescue personnel, and canines.

Search for Kyle Doan

Crews are concentrating their efforts on those parts of the Salinas River that weren’t able to be searched previously because of high water conditions.

Search for Kyle Doan

On the morning of Jan. 9, Lyndsy Doan attempted to drive through the San Marcos Creek bed outside of San Miguel with her son Kyle Doan. Her vehicle then became stuck in the flooded creek bed.

Lyndsy Doan managed to grab onto her son, but the current pushed him out of her hands. Bystanders pulled Lyndsy Doan out of muddy waters, but were unable to reach her son.

Search for Kyle Doan

Rescue crews have since searched almost daily for the missing child.

Search for Kyle Doan

Water levels have further subsided in parts of the San Marcos Creek and the Salinas River, allowing crews to search new areas.

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This unfortunate incident is likely attributed to the mother for trying to drive through a flooded road. Although that is a fairly common practice because many people don’t understand how deep the water can be. Either way the mother will blame herself.

Not being able to recover the child’s remains greatly aggravates this tragic unimaginable situation. Sheriff Parkinson has said that the search will continue until the boy is found. Once present resources are exhausted that search might only consist of a few volunteers.

If the boy is not found by the time the creek bed runs dry I would support excavating ever inch of the creek bed to locate him. This could be done with volunteers with excavating equipment or paid for by the County.

In addition to the added grief to the family if the remains are not found it reflects badly on all county residents. There is no excuse for-this boys body not being found,

It took 25 years to bring Paul Flores justice in the murder of Kristen Smart. It way take 25 years to recover even skeleton remains of Kyle, it must be done?

There is almost nothing that can be said to rack up positive feedback numbers but the hard truth is a reality check we need to hear. We all know that the river will subside, for the find in this river bottom, my guess is very unlikely. The story and photos are a tear jerker moment. Peace and intervention to Kyle’s mother for help in what was a tragic accident.