Plans to evacuate residents trapped between Highway 1 landslides

January 23, 2023


Caltrans will lead convoys of vehicles this week evacuating residents trapped in areas impacted by landslides that closed a stretch of Highway 1 from Big Sur in Monterey County to northern San Luis Obispo County.

Authorities closed Highway 1 between Paul’s Slide in Big Sur and a location south of Ragged Point called Polar Star. Landslides damaged parts of the highway at Paul’s Slide and Polar Star, as well as by Mill Creek in Monterey County. Currently, no safe access exists through Paul’s Slide, Mill Creek and Polar Star.

But, Caltrans will lead convoys of impacted residents by the Highway 1 closure north of the Paul’s Slide interior locked gate to the north of the outer closure. The convoys will travel on Tuesday and Friday at 8 a.m., 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Residents between Paul’s Slide and Mill Creek can use Nacimiento Fergusson Road on an emergency basis.

Local and state officials are developing a plan to ensure that they meet the basic needs for all residents in the impacted areas.

“Our concern is that this is going to be a prolonged closure and our top priority is making sure people have access to essential services,” said Tracy Molfino, interim manager of the Monterey Department of Emergency Management.

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I went to Cal Trans road closure map and as with all government ran programs it is not that clear. You say you can Nacimiento Fergusson rd in emergency but map shows red dotted lines with no legend to tell you what it means so is road open or not could be printed so dumb ass like me understood it

Can’t they just use their personal helicopters? I mean if you’re living off Highway 1 in Big Sur…lol. Also, I’d assume many are somehwat “used to” or at least prepared to hole up for extended periods of time. The grocery store is an hours drive for many of those houses tucked in the mountains. Best of luck to them regardless.