Road closed, hundreds cutoff near Lake Nacimiento

January 12, 2023

Road closed near Running Deer Ranch


The atmospheric river that pummeled San Luis Obispo County on Monday left hundreds of people near Lake Nacimiento stranded in their neighborhood.

Early Monday morning the power went out for the more than 400 PG&E customers in the gated community. Shortly afterwards, a culvert washed out and county staff closed access to Chimney Rock Road, because the road is unsafe.

For more than three days, Running Deer Ranch residents were stranded in their homes without electricity. PG&E restored power Thursday afternoon, but the road into the neighborhood remains closed.

In addition to hundreds of residents, there are cattle, horses, lamas, sheep and chickens stranded in the area.

County staff estimates it could take a month before full vehicle access is restored to the residents of Running Deer Ranch. With multiple storms forecast this week, the road could sustain further damage.

David and Sandra Wood are fortunate, they have a boat along with a car parked at the North Shore. And while neighbors have been helping neighbors, the Woods are concerned that the county is not doing more, such as developing a temporary route out of the neighborhood.

“What the hell is the county doing, are they just going to leave us out here,” Sandra Wood said. “We personally have a boat so we have access to North Shore, but most people do not.”

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The Woods should offer their neighbors a lift across the lake with their “personal” boat.

This weather should mint some new preppers. I see a spike in generator sales coming along with a flurry of new amateur radio licensees.

It is unrealistic and foolish to expect city style services and amenities if you live in the far-remote boondocks and are served by just a single access road as your only connection to civilization.

They are not expecting city type service just county type that they pay there tax’s for like everyone else. Yes it’s been a overwhelming rain event that created this but you would think someone a long time ago should of said this could happen in these areas what do we need to solve the problem fast

“pay there tax’s for like everyone else” And wait in line like all the other HOA’s.

“but you would think someone a long time ago should of said this could happen” It’s a HOA ask them, ask Jerry.

I don’t blame city or county. They have maintenance crews not construction crews. In addition the number of road failures is staggering. I saw 5 separate construction crews trying to open 5 separate road closures within 4 miles of each other in east paso let alone the whole county. Coordinating with contractors on logistics is no easy task either. Dont forget our lovely environmental rules even when emergency reprieves are allowed.

Unrealistic expectations people.

My brother lives below Ragged Pt he is older and not very mobile health wise has been without power for over 5 days and unable to go north or south along with other people up there due to a slide and rd closed by cal trans and they have not attemped to even make a way for emergency veh to get thru. I’m physically unable to go there and was unable to contact him as he had no power for ph or cell service so I called the Sheriff Dept to see if they could do a wellness check and they said the rd is closed it’s to dangerous for them so they would not. I said I didn’t know how his health was so if he was dying in his house you would let him die and they said YES ! I understand that these last rains have created more problems than people may of thought about but all the fees charged to the taxpayers and the total waste of money by the government we should not have hundreds of people stranded and left to fend for themselves. If these same people would build something on there property without a permit or not pay their tax’s the Government would be on them like flies on S___ on a hot day. Try phoning these people and you will never be able to talk to a human as I have tried for days. Totally unacceptable !!!

If you expect no help from the government, be it local, state or federal you will not be disappointed.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

You post platitudes and criticisms yet offer no solutions for the homeless living in creeks or on sidewalks, or for small remote communities isolated by occasional bad weather.

Housing first.

Also if you live in a “small remote communities” You are going to wait for stuff, “remote” Is what they wanted and yes services take longer, like ambulances, fire trucks etc.