SLO County award $33 million contract for probation department construction

January 26, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to spend more than $33 million on the construction of a new probation department building.

The board approved the construction of an approximately 30,000 square foot building near the current facility on Bishop Street in San Luis Obispo. Built in 1940, the Casa Loma facility needs constant repair and is short on space.

Following the design and permitting process, construction is estimated to start in 2024.

“I am very appreciative of the Board of Supervisors’ support for the new probation building,” said Robert Reyes, chief probation officer. “The new building will address long-time needs for employees and allow the department to better serve the
community and more effectively deliver probation services to the justice-involved population.”

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Typical Government agenda never try to save money and use what you have available just spend millions on something new for your government high paid staff. If the government would run there offices as a business not a slush fund then the people would feel their tax’s are spent well and they care but government doesn’t care about you just your money !!!!

And you know that it won’t be $33 million. What government project is built for the initial cost estimate. It’ll be more like $50-60 million.

With reduced sentencing I guess the probation game is a slick deal… but it does not reduce crime…

How about save 30 million , spend 3 million maximum on remodel of CMC’s soon to be shuttered minimum security prisoner facility .When probationers show up for appointment with probation dept.they would receive a free tour of the hole also known as SHU program for not so friendly inmates and the rest of CMC grounds tour led by lifer inmate who’s only way out is in a coffin . The scared straight program might change their ways or they just might run into some of their friends but couldn’t hurt to try the New Fish program on them

Move the whole probation dept into the minimum security prisoner facility at cmc.

Former cells and bunk rooms can be offices. That is a fantastic idea, lets do it.

I could save them millions! Just make the sentence commensurate with the crime and eliminate probation altogether.

I’m assuming this will be all electric?

Solar, not natural gas hookups for anything? All parking spots are for EV, in fact all vehicles the department uses are EV’s?

What was wrong with the building on Higuera? Or up on Johnson? Not only do these schmucks make a six-digit salary, but now they will have a brand new building to harass or ignore their clientele? That money is better spent on stopping crime rather than managing it.

So we have a large number of under used county office space, in part since so many are working from home, an econcony on a downside, inflation making everything 2 to 3, or more times more expensive, and our “county leaders”, feel it necessary to spend 33 million taxpayer dollars now, which we all know will end up being a lot more with change orders and cost over runs, does this make sense to anyone?

Not that I would grant a penny for those phonies at the probation department, but I would debate the economy. I’ve heard economists say the U.S. is dipping into recession for the last year. Not so. U.S. GDP grew by 2.9% in the fourth quarter of 2022. Despite big tech layoffs, this economy is still awash in good jobs.

But please, let’s spend this $33 million on something other than a building for pseudo-LE who walk around in tactical gear, but would wet themselves in a dangerous situation.

Payback by the board of stupi…supervisors to their union buddys.