SLO County’s latest mudslides and damaged roads, photos

January 16, 2023

Mudslide collapses Stage Coach Road


As several storms pounded San Luis Obispo County over the weekend, multiple roads collapsed, cracked or were covered in mud.

A portion of Stage Coach Road near the Cuesta Grade collapsed because of a mudslide. County staff then closed Stage Coach Road from Highway 101 at TV Tower Road to Highway 101 on the outskirts of SLO, according to the San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department.

In North County, a rockslide covered a small portion of Cypress Mountain Drive. County staff temporarily closed Cypress Mountain Drive from Klau Mine Road to Santa Rosa Creek Road.

Mud and rocks also fell onto Santa Rita Road in the Templeton area. Workers cleared the road, but it remained closed to traffic over the weekend.

Mudslide on Santa Rita Road

Prior to the weekend, the county warned about a possibly unstable hillside in Nipomo. Caltrans closed Division Street in Nipomo between South Las Flores Drive and Riverside Drive after mud and stormwater flowed onto the roadway.

Flooding on Division Street in Nipomo

Also in South County, numerous crews worked to shore up the Arroyo Grande Creek Levee with sandbags.

Arroyo Grande Creek Levee

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Anyone else notice an excessive number of flashing red traffic lights? Was this done on purpose in the name of “safety”? Or were there really that many lights in error mode for whatever reason? Traffic was much much worse and it was ten times less clear as to who was to go and when…Hope this isn’t something we see in the future every time it rains :/ Enough with the nanny state!

“flashing red traffic lights? Was this done on purpose in the name of “safety”?”

When a power bump/failure causes the traffic light computer that services the intersection to crash, the lights blink so people will stop.

Would you rather the intersection to go completely dark? Then the city gets sued and taxpayers foot the bill.

Enough with the nanny state bullshit excuse.

There were literally 8+ different intersections with flashing lights in osos/mb alone. Never in any storm during my 30 years here have i seen that. This was yesterday as well when there was light rain at the most so it seemed unusual. I did offer the option that it was legit as well so idk why the need to curse and assume I’d prefer non functioning lights lol. It’s okay to ask questions or no? Geeze.

“It’s okay to ask questions ”

Sure, I did “Would you rather ”

I did not assume you’d prefer non functioning lights, most people don’t.

“Enough with the nanny state!” That was not a question.