State analyst questions viability of California’s emissions reduction plan

January 14, 2023

Sacramento California state capitol


A government analyst is casting doubt on the California air board’s plan to achieve a legally required greenhouse gas emissions reduction target by 2030. [JD Supra]

State law requires California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, relative to 1990 levels. The California Air Resources Board is responsible for developing, implementing and updating a plan to achieve the reductions objective. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office is required to provide an independent assessment of each plan.

The air board recently revised its emissions reductions plan. The air board claims implementation of the new plan will result in a 48% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, exceeding the 40 percent requirement.

However, the state analyst argues the air board failed to specify policy options, alternatives and cost-benefit analyses for reaching critical milestone reduction targets. The state analyst also says the air board’s plan relies on unrealistic assumptions related to vehicles miles traveled; carbon capture and sequestration; and building electrification.

The state analyst is calling for the state Legislature to consider changes to California’s cap-and-trade program to address concerns about it allegedly being too lenient. The state analyst is offering proposals including potentially reducing the supply of emission allowances issued in the future, limiting the use of offsets and extending the program beyond 2030.

Critics of the state analyst’s response to the air board’s latest plan argue that entangling the program in legislative bureaucracy will make meeting the looming 2030 deadline less attainable.

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Better hope the wind keeps blowing south to take Ca good air to Mexico because when it starts blowing North from Mexico who does nothing for climate change all Ca work will be nill don’t you climate people know how it actually works

Mapping the ocean floor for future wind turbine sites are killing whales along the east coast… when did we stop caring about whales?….

None of the ARB AKA CARB requirements for many years now is Not doing any of the residents of California any good , Except making peoples lives harder to live and survive .The latest rain storm and power outages should be a light bulb that Natural Gas is a needed utility .The semi diesel truck emission rules forced tens of thousands of trucking companies to go out of business and/or move their trucks out of California i.e. supply chain shortages…Smog testing of vehicles in California only creates more hardships for the poor , the poor can’t afford $1k to $5k California only catalytic converters… other 49 states catalytic converters start new at $50.00…. so their vehicle fails smog , they can’t register it , they receive traffic tickets and then their vehicle is impounded ,they lose ownership of the impounded vehicle plus owe ticket and towing impound storage fees and they do not own the vehicle anymore .ARB and CARB require California legal catalytic converters have a California only E.O. I.E. Executive Order number stamped on them , which makes California legal catalytic converters cost at minimum 5 to 10 times more than other 49 state catalytic converters …ARB ,CARB and California govt etc etc needs to ease up on the massive amount of money they require residents of California to pay for anything and everything

“Climate change”

The religion of lunatics.

“entangling the program in legislative bureaucracy” will cause a delay to the program.

Let’s say it another way “dealing with reality” will cause a delay to the program.

If we had done this with the Diablo closure it would not be costing us a fortune now to retroactively deal with reality

Anything that comes out of Sacramento should be questioned.

The unreasonable push or a better word is shove into green energy whatever that is will harm America and American lives for decades to come….