Kudos to PG&E’s response to storm damage

February 21, 2023


PG&E’s plan was to replace a storm damaged customer distribution pole plus the aged transmission line pole sitting atop my hill in rural Santa Margarita.
Having worked in another utility for over a half century much of their adherence to safety and process was very familiar to me but to see their execution from public notice to the finality of the work involved was very impressive. Their field engineer, construction manager and most importantly their work crews, flawlessly executed the transition from the damaged old to an improved new.
Too often we complain about corporate America but kudos to PG&E for their profession standards and the team work which safely accomplished what they promised.
George Sullivan has lived in the Santa Margarita area for more than 45 years.

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Public utilities have some of the best trained and equipped workers in the country. What other industry has guaranteed profits and are able to raise their rates multiple times a year without fear of competition.

State and local Government don’t have this luxury, they are accountable to the public and have a lengthy proses to go through to raise taxes.

This made me think- that first storm of the year, during all those crazy high winds, we never lost power (Laguna area of SLO). We had trees down, accidents, roof damage, and flooding. I can’t believe we never had a power outage.

I miss Kudos bars… “the perfect combo of granola bar, rice krispie treat, and candy bar that we children of the 90s were blessed with.”

I think the point was a congratulations for a job well done, an acknowledgement to these people.