Paso Robles plans to double parking rates, eliminate free parking

February 10, 2023


Paso Robles wants to double its downtown parking rates to make up for money the city is losing on its parking program.

In 2019, the city began charging $1 an hour for parking in the downtown area, with the first two hours free. The plan was to manage the demand for downtown parking with a program that would become cost neutral in five years.

While paid parking revenues have averaged $11,800 per month, on-going expenses run just under $30,000 per month, according to a city staff report.

During the same time period, the city collected approximately $28,500 a month in parking ticket revenue from the same area.

In December, the city council voted 3-2 to eliminate the first two hours of free parking and to raise the hourly rate to $2 an hour, with an expectation the changes will increase paid parking revenue to approximately $85,000 a month.

The increase parking fees require a second approval by the Paso Robles City Council, which is scheduled for Feb. 21.

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Everyone remember the Memorial Day, and Labor Day hot rod rally’s in Paso? When mad and bad lead sleds, low riders, T-buckets, and every assortment of years and gears would fill the streets, motels, and restaurants? They would gather 2 or 3 deep around the city park, parked any which way, for one of the greatest car shows in the state. People would set out beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers. The park was filled to maximum capacity with car nuts, gear heads, and even real people that loved the artistry in iron, and layer upon layer of exotic metallic paint.

Then…the new LA transplant Police Chief declared all cars must be parked nose in, and only one car per slot. Those not in compliance, would be heavily ticketed. Which, of course, took much of the wind out of the rally sails.

Needless to say, Paso no longer has big 3 day weekend hot rod rally’s anymore.

ok, to repeat, nothing EVER:

costs less what is estimated

brings in as much revenue as estimated.

Gotta lovit. Paso used to be so cute and farmy. Then cute and cuddly. Now they seem to want to be SLO North. Yikes. Nothing cute, farmy or cuddly there.

Paso also has Walmart. Paso is essentially a failed boutique Alabama with the historical genocide to match. Antibellum much Paso elites and 1% conservatives taxing us regular.folks, restricting our water. Yet they pump and pump and eat caviar and Justin vineyard.

Thanks to the millionaire city council member John Hamon for this ridiculous scheme. Rich people love to bilk the 99% any way they can and call themselves “conservative”. Only caring about tourists and rich, not locals. Thanks Republicans for making Paso a gentrified mess of crime and perverted drug using Rich people driving Rivians and Teslas all up and down main street. Dumb little boutique hotels paying employees peanuts yet charging 400 dollars a night. Paso is a Poser city of fake farmers and elites and poverty and drive by shootings and drugs.

It’s a really really good bet, that the landowners, ranchers, and farmers from 40 years ago, absolutely did not want Paso to be plowed under for grapes, “resorts”, hotels, and urban sprawl. Mostly because, they were conservatives and voted Republican.

I do wonder, if your liberal blindfold is on too tight…