SLO developer sentenced to four years in prison

February 10, 2023

Jeremy Pemberton


A San Luis Obispo County judge on Feb. 7 sentenced Jeremy  Pemberton to four years in state prison for multiple financial crimes.

In December, a jury found the 38-year-old developer guilty of two counts of securities fraud, one count of financial elder abuse, and two counts of grand theft related to his attempt to garner investors for a proposed bowling alley and bar in San Luis Obispo.

In 2014, Pemberton and his twin brothers began to solicit investors in their plan to turn the site of the San Luis Obispo Sports Authority into a bowling alley, restaurant and performance site for live music. Their goal was to open in late 2015.

In his SLO fundraising scheme, Pemberton fraudulently obtaining in excess of $500,000 from one victim and more than $200,000 from another. He misrepresented the amount of financing he had received from other investors and failed to disclose a default on the lease for 1144 Chorro Street in San Luis Obispo.

The project was promoted by Pemberton but was never completed.

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How is this different from what Ryan Pettit and John Belsher did? Ryan is living the dream in LA under a new name, meanwhile a quick google search on John shows his many accusations are still alive and well. I say the difference is in their defense attorney’s skills and competencies.

This guy and scumbag Helios must have really good lawyers. People are doing a lot more time than these two for much lower offenses.

and yet people like Ryan Petit and John Belcher steal millions from their investors and are still walking free. Great job SLO DA!

Don’t forget John Wallace, he stole millions in the south county and DA Dow let him off virtually scott free.

what code section did Mr Petitit and Mr Belsher violate? Mr Dow no doubt would appreciate your help and expertise