Snow blankets northern San Luis Obispo County, photos

February 23, 2023

Snowman in Santa Margarita


Temperatures plunged into the low 30s on Thursday morning, allowing snow to fall in the higher elevations and in much of northern San Luis Obispo County.

Snow falling in Santa Margarita


The Baby Seals Swim Academy in Atascadero


A horse on a farm off Highway 58


Snow falling at a farm off Highway 58


Snow blankets the ground near a pond in Creston


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Great pictures and great weather! Reminds me of the December 15th 1988 snow we had here in A-town.

Yes, I remember that

Very nice picture documentary of life in God’s country, showing why we live here. It’s constant work but a good life.

The last photo is pretty enough to be a picture puzzle!