Woman runs over and kills catalytic converter thief

February 15, 2023


A woman accidentally drove over and killed a man attempting to steal a catalytic converter from her truck which was parked in a lot in Southern California.

While the woman was parked at a Target in Palmdale taking a nap, a car with four people pulled up next to her Ford Excursion. A man got out of the car and started to saw off the truck’s catalytic converter.

The saw noises woke up the woman, who put her car in reverse, and drove over the alleged thief.

Noticing the bump, the woman got out of her truck and called law enforcement.

The suspect was pronounced deceased at a hospital. Police detained the three remaining suspects.

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I know I should feel sadness… I really do know I should… but I don’t…

Gives a whole new meaning to “HumpDay”, just saying.

I feel bad for this woman and what must be a pretty traumatic experience. Now I have no love for thieves, but maybe celebrating someone getting killed under a slow moving truck (horrific) isn’t really the Christian thing to be doing, let’s cool it with the blood lust folks, someone’s friend, someone’s son died.

Many see it as a criminal actually being held to consequences for their own personal actions and choices, something California’s elected have tried to end.

Oh I get it, if the truck broke his leg for example I’d totally agree with you – he’d be getting his just desserts. Karma. But dying horribly over a few hundred dollar piece of metal, that’s not justice, and gleefully cheering seems somewhere between heartless and cruel. If your son or daughter stole a flat screen TV but then walked into a landmine, is that something to be happy about? It’s a tragedy, even if their choices led to that outcome. All I’m saying is try to be nice.

The thief and his partners in crime weren’t trying to be nice, and he made a judgement that his life was worth less than what the scrap metal market pays for a catalytic converter. Why did he do that?

I hope she reported the damage to her insurance company as well as the PTSD she will have, a liability to the co-thieves or uninsured motorist policy she has.

Does California have a “Citizen of the Year” award?

One of the problems in California is the family of the criminal might now sue the victim, and this states judges will let it proceed.

I came here for the comments, and they were exactly what I expected…