Atascadero High School principal resign

March 9, 2023

Dan Andrus


Atascadero High School Principal Dan Andrus resigned abruptly earlier this month. 

Formerly the principal of Morro Bay High School, Andrus took over as principal of Atascadero High in 2020. It is unclear why he resigned from the position.

The Atascadero Unified School District is currently searching for a new high school principal. The job comes with a base salary of $127,347 to $144,018, according to a job listing the district posted. 

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Date lines up with the gun incident on campus.

“The job comes with a base salary of $127,347 to $144,018, “, and a total compensation of likely around a quarter of a million. Any surprise school districts are always looking for more money?

Quarter million? I think your math is way off. You think you can find anyone to do that job for less? Good luck. If you can read this thank a teacher.