Central Coast reservoirs show remarkable recovery

March 16, 2023

Lopez Lake


After years of critically low-levels at reservoirs, water storage levels throughout the Central Coast have show remarkable recoveries.

In Nov. 2022, most of California was in moderate to extreme drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. As of March 16, most of the state is no longer in drought, with small portions in moderate and severe drought.

Current Central Coast and major state reservoir levels:

  • Santa Margarita Lake at 108.5%, SLO County
  • Lake Nacimiento at 89%, SLO and Santa Barbara counties
  • Lopez Lake at 90.6%, SLO County
  • Whale Rock Reservoir at 100%, SLO County
  • Cachuma Lake at 95%, Santa Barbara County
  • Twitchell Reservoir 59%, Santa Barbara County
  • Gibraltar Reservoir 101%, Santa Barbara County
  • Jameson Reservoir 101%, Santa Barbara County
  • San Antonio Lake at 52%, Monterey County
  • Oroville Dam 82%, Butte County
  • Trinity Lake at 35%, Trinity County
  • Don Pedro Reservoir at 87%, Mariposa County
  • Shasta Dam at 70%, Shasta County
  • San Luis Reservoir at 89%, Merced County

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The boat dock is back at Lopez! Woohoo!

I would be more impressed, had we spent all that drought time raising dam levels, and dredging silted lakes. You know, to catch and hold more water…

People are all happy about Lopez, but that lake has lost more than a few hundred acre feet, because of silt and rubble filling in the Lopez, Wittenberg, and Phoenix creek arms.

Santa Margarita lake is getting that way too.

Time to build more housing!

Funny. But a lot closer to reality than comedy!

Where is my tackle box?…..