Employee flees senior care facility, fears it is haunted

March 29, 2023

Avila Senior Living


Afraid the building is haunted, the only employee on duty at a senior living facility in San Luis Obispo fled leaving residents unattended because she was afraid to be alone in the “haunted” senior care home, the caregiver told state investigators.

Avila Senior Living on Marsh Street in SLO was supposed to have one caregiver and one med tech on duty between midnight and 7 a.m. on March 3, but neither came to work that night. The med tech on duty during the previous shift left at midnight while the caregiver agreed to wait for the next shift.

However, shortly before 1 a.m., the caregiver fled leaving the residents at Avila Senior Living unattended until the next shift arrived, almost six hours later. She told regulators she was afraid to be alone in the haunted facility, according to a state complaint investigation report.

During the time residents were alone at the facility, at least one resident needed medication, but did not receive it, according to investigators. Two other residents seeking assistance to use the restroom, pushed their call buttons, but no one responded.

Regulators with the California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division questioned staff as part of an investigation into allegations the facility was not staffed for nearly six hours. Investigators substantiated the complaint.

The facility’s management now has the opportunity to appeal the finding.

Since Pacifica Companies took over the facility regulators have slapped the independent and assisted living facility with 36 citations for violating health and safety rules.

Pacifica Companies, a foreign investment group that began investing in U.S. hospitality, senior living and commercial markets in 1978, purchased the former Manse on Marsh property after the prior owner was charged with manslaughter. The investment trust appears primarily focused on profits.

Following a March 14 CalCoastNews article about citations related to food safety and quality, cleanliness and failures to properly staff the facility, acting Executive Director Karen Enciso informed residents in writing that members of the media are not allowed in their rooms without consent from management.

“We ask that you refrain from engaging with any reporters/media until we have had an opportunity to fully review these claims,” Encino wrote residents. “If your families have any questions, we recommend that they do not speak with any reporters but rather reach out directly to me.”

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Don’t know about that, but I do know that Ash Israni from San Diego is the developer for the (LOL) Grover Beach Lodge at the beach that has never happened and also owns the property that Urbn Leaf Dispensary is located in and brought that San Diego-based dispensary to town.

A ghost or disgruntled former residents with good reason to be.

So even lowly minimum wage security guard jobs have a supervisor that you call in the middle of the night when your relief doesn’t show up, and that’s when you’re like protecting a freight yard or a vineyard or something. This is a facility full of helpless sickly elderly people, and there is NOBODY that staff can call when somebody doesn’t show up? You can’t for a second make me believe that the profit margins in a place like this are so low, that you can’t have a will-call overnight supervisor on standby? In addition, this is not the first time this has happened.

I’m sure Ms. Enciso will be very forthcoming with any information regarding transgressions at this senior facility. s/

Nothing to see here, just call me.

It appears random employee drug testing is not being enforced and/or mental health evaluations ….I have even considered requesting mandatory drug test from prospective rental tenants …IMO i would have very few applicants finish the process

A “ghost” !?? that gets an “A” for originality. BUT is that a reason to leave vulnerable folks alone and at risk?

I’d pay money to spend a night in there if it meant seeing a ghost.

Oh, man…… What used to be referred to as “the Golden Years” is clearly quite tarnished for some unfortunate folks. This is truly quite sad. I sincerely hope that someone, somehow can find an acceptable resolution. After all, just about all of us are going to eventually find ourselves at that stage of life and be dependent on others.

What used to be referred to as “the Golden Years” is clearly quite tarnished for MOST folks. That entire industry is nightmare fuel.