Fights, mayhem in SLO after midnight on Saint Patrick’s Day, video

March 18, 2023


Locals and visitors celebrated in downtown San Luis Obispo on Saint Patrick’s Day, many wearing green while enjoying the city’s wide variety of restaurants and pubs.

While festivities started a 6 a.m., with lines of people waiting to enter several local pubs, many left before noon. Later in the evening, revelers returned, with multiple fights breaking out after midnight.

Before midnight, officers arrested five people in San Luis Obispo according to jail logs. One person was charged with DUI, two people were charged with drunk in public, one person was charged with threatening to commit a crime and another was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The jail logs are not yet available for Saturday.

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“Learning by doing.”

I imagine things will settle down and get better for police when youngsters trend away from alcohol bars and move towards cannabis lounges. should’ve happened a long time ago.

The trend for youngsters, as well as oldsters for that matter, to frequent cannabis lounges is already here and very prevalent. They are called living rooms.

I was referring to Public lounges and public bars. People have been drinking in their living rooms for years and when they do it in private, it’s none of my business.

The bottom line, as every police officer knows, public and private spaces where the primary intoxicant being used is alcohol are considerably more dangerous to police and violence is more likely to break out compared to where people are using cannabis.

Some would say that cannabis is considerably more community friendly and safer than alcohol.

Three cheers for the bouncers… tough job…. especially in a college town…

What do you expect when you let them start drinking at 6 in morning. They may be in college but that doesn’t mean they are smart

The neighborhood Poly kids were a part of the party. Drunk for 48 hrs as St. Fratty’s day is the Saturday following St. Patty’s Day, this year back-to-back. No broken glass in the street, no unnecessary noise (just necessary noise), or vandalism. I’ll take the Poly kids over gangbangers.

our future is in great hands…

More like “our present is in great hands.” When you look at the SLO County Jail booking log from last night / early this morning; pretty much an equal number of people in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s were arrested in SLO City last night. Alcohol is about the last thing flourishing in downtown SLO, where there are so many bars one might mistake it for an old west boom town.

“Fights and Mayhem” on St. Patty’s Day?

What’s this World coming to?

I wonder if they all were wearing their “Instant ASSHOLE, just add alcohol” T-shirts?

Green T-shirts of course. ;o)

Jeez – didn’t they realize the fines were double?