Santa Maria teen killed in motorcycle crash

March 5, 2023


An 18-year-old Santa Maria man died in a motorcycle crash Sunday morning southeast of Orcutt near the town of Sisquoc, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.. 

Shortly before 10 a.m., the teen was riding a Yamaha motorcycle heading northbound in the 7600 block of Foxen Canyon Road when he drifted over a double yellow line into the path of an oncoming Honda driven by 42-year-old Bobbie Dowdy of Arroyo Grande, according to the CHP. The motorcycle slammed head-on into the Honda, ejecting the teen.

Several witnesses attempted to administer aid to the motorcyclist before emergency personnel arrived. Medics eventually pronounced the motorcyclist dead at the scene.

Neither Dowdy, nor her passenger, Arroyo Grande resident Johnnie Fernandes, suffered injuries in the collision.

CHP officers are investigating the incident. Investigators have already ruled out weather, drugs and alcohol as factors in the crash.

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When you don’t bother learning how to actually ride, take riding tips from the internet, and young enough to think you are invincible, this is what happens.

God rest his soul.

This kid went through a training course, and had been riding for a little under a year. Don’t let your self-hatred turn you into a fool. You assume a lot for the little information that was provided. Have some respect, an 18 year old lost their life.

Been riding for 45+ years. My statement comes from a lifetime of motorcycle knowledge. The photo shows a curve. Two reasons why you would drift into the other lane on a turn: Too fast for it. Visual fixation. Both, are caused by lack of riding skill. The state Motorcycle Safety Course is a good thing to learn the very basics of riding, to better pass the DMV testing. It is, in no way, a substitute for skill.

Like I said, God rest his soul.