Save our Paso Robles schools

March 6, 2023

Allen Duckworth


The progressive left and teachers unions are using our schools to indoctrinate our children with their woke, socialist agenda. We need a few good men and women to ensure that our kids are trained to become respectful, responsible, self-reliant adults.

Kenney Enney is one of those people that we need on the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board to replace indoctrination with education. Take a look at his website and you will see that he is eminently qualified with a proven record of excellence in leadership, financial management and education.

Kenney supports traditional family values, raising academic standards, school choice, and teaching a trade to those that are not planning to go on to college. He also favors charter schools because they have a record of achieving higher ratings at a lower cost.

Kenney is opposed to the use of our classrooms to teach sexual orientation, nonbinary gender, white privilege, new versions of history, anti-Christian views, and all the other diversionary subjects that have crept into the public schools. He also opposes the creation of Community Schools designed to destroy the family nucleus.

California schools are the most expensive in the nation and produces some of the lowest ratings in the nation. It’s time for a change and we need to start here and now by electing Kenney Enney to the PRJUSD on April 18.

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Oh look another ccn opinion piece where the authors information is not shared. Duckworth is a ground pumping wine grower (more alcohol always helps our citys problems) and a director of the Ground Squirrel Hollow Community Services District.

Why is this not disclosed?

Now lets look at Enney’s endorsements from a gaggle of our County’s famous anti-vaxers, trumpetts and haters of non whites, some of whom were literally pushing horse paste at County superviser meetings. Then there are the slorp officer endorsements listed as retired teachers etc, no mention of slorp as usual.

Community Schools designed to destroy the family nucleus.” Lol

If you want the school board wasting time, energy and tax money on bs politics (small mind + small government clones) instead of teaching the next generation vote Enney.

Mr. Enney, and other selfish, anti-American people, must be AVOIDED at all costs, and have zero business being involved in any kind of governmental leadership (from schools to local, state and federal government)! Our schools are attempting to help children learn about an extremely complex and difficult social world. Our children will need all the skills possible to be able to navigate their world as they become adults, requiring them to have critical thinking skills. Learning about and supporting ALL people of this world is paramount in them being able to live their adult lives. Children must learn to have open minds to all ways of life and support one another.

Most of the things you’ve listed don’t belong in the curriculum of a public school.

I do not know Kenny Enney but if Allen Duckworth is willing write this letter of support for him, I am instantly a supporter of Kenny. I have spent time with Allen, know of his lengthy tenure in a very disciplined and well vetted employment. In my youth, I remember the girls having a special class to discuss their changing bodies and at a later year we all watched a sex education video. Today, with what I read as see, it appears that the schools are getting heavy handed in “social engineering”, with a focus on the government narrative of how we should think. That in itself undermines the objectivity for an honest and free election. I can’t vote for Kenny but those in his district probably should.

Opinions are like assholes….we all have one. Thanks for yours. Vote Hollander

….and they all stink

Rarely do CCN readers see such cogent, erudite and thoughtful appeals made on behalf of candidates for public office, especially an office that will make pivotal decisions on young children’s education and development as respectful members of society. Great way to represent Angela Hollander.


Woke socialist agenda? It’s embarrassing to even see these words together. What is a “Socialist” agenda? “Socialist? I see people that work for the city, county, state or the federal government complaining about “Socialism” yes, and Teachers are paid by the government to work. We ALL drive on government PAVED ROADS, monitored by government paid police. We stop at government bought stop lights, government bought stop signs, government paid for schools, fly at government funded airports, protected by government paid military, on government funded Navy Ships, Army vehicles, Air Force planes. Etc. But socialism! Run. What teacher is teaching “Woke” anything? What teacher is teaching anti-Christian views? What is religion doing in schools? Why do conservatives think Christianity should be allowed in schools? America is NOT a Christian nation. Period. Yes, there are Christians in America but what you believe has absolutely zero business to any other human beings. The TREATY OF TRIPOLI which is a founding of America document explicitly points out AMERICA is NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. That’s a fact. If you want to rewrite history, please do not tread on me. Do NOT push your own “Woke” agenda. Conservatives claim that their rights are being taken away. Here we have someone try to frighten us into choosing someone with a CLEAR SELF SERVING AGENDA. You want someone to be placed in a position of authority to force YOUR personal agenda.

The whining about “Socialism” these days from people that are literally benefiting from the very socialism that they complain of is ridiculous.

Whoever has convinced people that “Socialism is bad and ruining your life” is irresponsible and should be asked where they got that information?

I know that there will be down votes instantly regardless of the facts.

It’s ok, we expect it. The more someone pushes their agenda, the less they’ll accept actual facts.

This is really well said. Thank you Ben Daho.


i also am afraid of the boogie man, mate.

I agree with you 100% Mr. Duckworth. The Progressive left and the leftist teacher’s union have for years now, chose indoctrination over education to promote their destructive agenda on children and families. This is a war on both without a doubt.

Mrs. Alvord has opened a can of worms that will come back to haunt her and her leftist comrades. Again, I ask. What happens when Mr. Enney wins his seat on the board?

I find it interesting that the chosen one by Alvord and her gang, doesn’t even send her child to Paso Robles District. The student attends a local private school. Why is that?

Why is it Mrs. Alvord is able to go speak at Cal Poly a few weeks back promoting, defending, and encouraging LGBT agenda in education while denying those with different thought and beliefs. She denies their freedom of speech and choice. All of this while being part of the district administration. Where’s the tolerance, inclusiveness, fairness, for all in her hypocrisy and self-righteous ignorance towards those with opinions and belief different from her?

Reading his website, Mr. Enney has a decorated career, something I wish Mr. Duckworth had explored further. I also worry that this opinion piece is little more than campaign material in another form – I’ll hold on hope thet CCN offers a mix of different opinions on this election in the coming issues lest this places becomes an echo chamber.

With all the contentious school board elections that usually receive undue (even national?!) attention, the issue on my ballot is singular – free speech. Unfortunately open discourse is on attack from both sides whether it’s some on the far left going after books like Huckleberry Finn or Catcher and the Rye, and also some on the far right who overreact to books covering the civil rights movement, or which talk about adult relationships (in mature ways but which have coincidentally gay characters). Our schools can’t cave to the most triggered progressive OR outraged conservative. And maybe you agree with the principal but are sure that “just that one” book is ok to ban; I’d remind all liberty loving readers to recall that we compromise by having our constitution, someday it might be someone else in office who wants to ban The Bible because of it’s strong sexual and violent content. It doesn’t matter that the content is objectionable to some, or even many, it isn’t the states job to ban books, only to provide a context for analysis and free discussion.

Kids are in a classroom for barely 45 minutes. If that’s enough time to indoctrinate, teach common core, and change history — it’s the parents who failed.