Grover Beach’s new camping ordinance, homeless response

April 5, 2023


At its meeting on March 27, the Grover Beach City Council adopted an ordinance to regulate camping and vehicle habitation in an attempt to reduce homeless sleeping in their cars and camping in portions of the community.

The ordinance includes campground setbacks of 200-feet from residences on city-owned and school properties. In addition, the city council extended the setback in the El Camino Real open space area to 250 feet.

The city is also implementing fencing along Margarita Avenue and Charles Street and installing “no parking” signs along North 4th Street to limit access to the El Camino Real open space area.

“Addressing homelessness is an ongoing priority for the City, and we value the community’s engagement and involvement in the process,” said Mayor Karen Bright. “Adopting this ordinance is one of many tools the City is employing to implement change in our local and regional communities.”

In addition to supporting shelter spaces, the city has also engaged in several encampment cleanups to promote community health and safety. To enhance the city’s ability to preserve the cleanliness of public spaces, the council collaborated on camping limitations that are both enforceable and legally compliant.

In 2012, San Luis Obispo passed a no-sleeping in cars ordinance that did not include posting signs on all city streets. Attorneys Saro Rizzo and Stew Jenkins filed a lawsuit accusing the city of San Luis Obispo and its chief of police of discrimination, harassment and the criminalization of homeless people.

After losing in court and paying more than $400,000 in legal fees, the SLO City Council agreed to dismiss all tickets given to homeless residents for sleeping in their vehicles.

The Grover Beach ordinance requires the use of no-parking signs in some areas. Before the ordinance goes into effect on April 27, the Police Department will conduct targeted outreach and post signage in the newly affected areas.

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they will all end up in San Luis. There are still some doorways downtown available for cheap.

The way you address this problem is to make camping inside of city limits illegal… like we use to…. and enforce it…. like we use to….

The homeless are not victims. They choose to opt out of responsible lifestyles.

Private charities have helpful rehab programs that are far more helpful than anything that government can do.

Government meddling always creates more problems. Government meddling always makes existing problems worse.

People become homeless for a lot of reasons. The universe is deterministic in its nature and all we can do as biological creatures is react to our environment, so there is no such thing as choice or free will. Here is some reading for you: Homeless | The Crow’s Nest (

Don’t you just love it? Oops, I might have to puke…… make that have to. Yuck.

Shame on the Grover Beach City Council. Don’t they have something better to do than hassle and criminalize the most unfortunate members of their community? I suppose they prefer to have people sleeping on sidewalks…this kind of legislation only forces the homeless closer to businesses and the rest of the community. Homelessness is not a crime!

Littering is a crime. Obstructing the sidewalk is a crime. Harassing passerby’s is a crime. Stealing power is a crime. Stealing services is a crime. Drug use is a crime. Alcohol abuse in public is a crime. Child endangerment is a crime. Animal abuse is a crime. ETC ETC ETC! Stop making excuses for these poor excuses of decency.

So a couple I know allowed a down and out guy, I also know, live in a RV that they own on their property, County Code enforcement is forcing them to throw him out on the street! He only receives minimal Social Security and I guess will have to move to homeless encampment in Grover Beach or San Luis Obispo or maybe find a spot along a creek somewhere in the County:(

Well if your friends gave money to city for him to stay there the city probably wouldn’t say a word because they get their cut as that’s all they care about is the money not the people

Or he could move to a more affordable area of the state… and find housing…. living in an RV or under a bush is not the answer….

You don’t deserve downvotes for showing concern for this guy who is struggling.