BMW crosses Highway 101, crashes into truck on Cuesta Grade

May 2, 2023


A black BMW sedan crashed into a box truck on Tuesday morning on Highway 101 on the Cuesta grade, injuring two people and slowing traffic.

Shortly before 9 a.m., the BMW was headed southbound on the grade near TV Tower Road when the car veered into the northbound lane hitting a box truck that was traveling at approximately 50 mph, according to the CHP. Both vehicles sustained major damage in the head-on collision.

Responders transported two people to a local hospital with undisclosed injuries.

The crash remains under investigation. CalCoastNews will provide further details as they become available.

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Caltrans was put on notice January 17th 1996 with respect to this highway corridor. Since then people have been decapitated and impaled or diced by the K-rails. A frontage road system is unfortunately a must and with our local development that generates those bottleneck parking lots, for taxpayers who can sit and wait for free, puts us at the mercy of our statewide highway system. Again unfortunately, it’s so bad elsewhere that we will have many more deaths and parking lot days before our local issues will be remedied. Caltrans has been warned but deferred remedies and cash payouts seems to be what our governance has in place. Forget new taxes as that will fall into the same slippery hands. Sadly for those in this gravy industry, the solution will require an independent audit and a reset on ALL pricings.

A K-rail is a tall, thick, concrete barrier. How does one get decapitated, impaled, or even diced by it? The sedan crossed through the open section of the barrier, that allows traffic to access Tower Rd. No railing system would have stopped it. Also, there has always been a southbound frontage road from the top of the Grade, to the bottom…and it wouldn’t have made any difference in this incident.

Jorge, Jorge, Jorge, Compared to what it used to be, the grade is now more safe than ever since the widening and 3rd lanes added North/South. As for your comment regarding the K-rails, (Jersey wall), please research their creation/history before making such an absurd comment.

Hey, it’s a BMW- just call Spicoli and he’ll fix it: He should be able to buff it out……