Clerk determines cost of Paso Robles election, less than expected

May 22, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office recently determined the final cost for the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board election, and it’s substantially lower than the initial estimate. The final bill is $307,624.

A petition drive to oust Kenney Enney from the school board, with several people condemning Enney on social media for sharing a link that included criticisms of the trans community, led to a special election.

The school district held the special election on April 18, which Enney won, at an estimated cost of $493,000 to the school district. The clerk’s office said low turnout, approximately 39%, resulted in the lower cost.

SLO County’s breakdown of charges:

Services and supplies $45,929

Publications – $1,458

Ballot and VIG printing – $23,030

Polling location workers – $13,186

Postage – $6,673

Labor – $217,345

The school district has 30 days to pay $307,624 for the special election.

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“Polling location workers – $13,186”, wasn’t this a mail in election, if so what Polling locations?

Meh. -Only- three hundred thousand bucks? Pocket change.


It’s not sarcasm, if you have to explain that it’s sarcasm.

But Snark is always Snark.

I understand all costs except “Labor”. If “Labor” is for extra help personnel not on the county payroll than it is a legitimate charge. If however “Labor” includes staff paid on the county payroll than this charge is questionable since taxpayers are paying for county staff and are paying again if asking Paso taxpayers to pay for their already compensated services.

Totally agree should be more specific on charges like what is services and supplies and why so cheap on publications but you also have to understand how government never is specific on anything