Enney back on Paso Robles school board, detractor resigns

May 12, 2023

Kenney Enney sworn in


Kenney Enney was sworn in during a Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board meeting on Tuesday, the second time he has taken the oath in less than seven months.

A crowd of Enney supporters cheered as he joined the board. Enney reiterated his plans to improve test scores and to hold students accountable.

“My intent for the next couple of weeks is is to force the board to make decisions on things they are avoiding,” Enney told CalCoastNews. “The parental rights is one and ending social promotion is another.”

The district board of trustees selected Enney in Oct. 2022 to replace Chris Bausch, who resigned in order to take a seat on the Paso Robles City Council. Shortly afterwards, he voiced concerns over an online page for LBGTQ students which included a link to a chatroom where adults discussed sex.

Shortly afterwards, Carey Alvord, who works in the office that provided the questionable link, organized a successful petition drive to oust Enney from the board with claims Enney had criticized the trans community on a social media page.

During the special election that followed, Enney received 54.29% of the vote.

Shortly afterwards, Alvord resigned from the school district effective June 30.

The county estimated the special election will cost the school district $493,000. The final cost has not yet been determined.

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Why isn’t the MAGA crowd (Darcia, looking at you) questioning the results of this election by our supposedly corrupt County Elections staff? Oh, because it went the way you wanted…

Lets see, a person is appointed to the board, another board member is not happy and mounts a recall, succeeds and forces an election costing $493,000, the election doesn’t end in the favor of the unhappy board member so they resign…. So which side is the one that won’t accept a different point of view and instead of staying on the board and working with others to achieve a compromise, takes their toys and storms off in a huff?

Alvord was not a board member. She was an administrator for the school district. She appears to have been the head of the department that allegedly posted the questionable link that started this whole mess. Wouldn’t expect anyone to even notice one less administrator, let alone miss one.

Not to worry they will a hire a new one, at likely a higher salary/compensation as before. So much for one side being open to all other opinions. As we all know they are open to other opinions as long as they agree will theirs.

Reading is fundamental. That’s not what the article says happened. It does gloss over what Enney posted on social media as that caused the uproar though.

How sweet it is! Multiple great things came out the election. Mr.Enney won easily, we get another advocate for students and parentss, and Alvord is gone from the equation. At least for now. So sweet to good things happen

we get another advocate for students and parentss” (sic)

Hogwash, Enney benefited from a special election which saw only 39% of registered Paso Robles voters cast ballots. In contrast, the 2020 general election saw 86% of Paso voters go to the polls. Look it up. I expect a reversal of this election next year.

The results are clear. The people chose Mr. Enney and education, over Alvord and the union pushing indoctrination. Sour grapes won’t change the facts.

As for the next election, we’ll see. Mr. Enney will bring accountability and responsibility along with what’s best for the students in the classroom which is the top priority. Those are all the complete opposite of the failed strong-armed attempt by Alvord and the union.

Alvord owes us tax payers a lot of money, I’m sure she’ll skip town on the bill.

Accountability! Imagine that and sadly too many have to go to school to learn that. Sounds like good news and rational voters to graduate. Oh, I do understand that some have a different idea on rational and I guess that’s ok but my understanding of rational does not revolve around depending on somebody else’s money.

The emphasis should always be on learning. Are the children learning? Social promotion is excuse-making.