Rattlesnake bites woman on Santa Barbara County trail

May 15, 2023


A helicopter airlifted a female hiker to the hospital after a rattlesnake bit her while she was walking her dog on a Santa Barbara County trail Saturday morning. [KCOY]

The rattlesnake bit the 26-year-old woman on the Romero Canyon Trail in Montecito. The woman was 1.5 miles into the hike when the snake attacked her. 

Crews arrived and rendered aid to the woman. She was then hoisted into the helicopter and flown to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital at about 10:15 a.m.

Montecito fire crews hiked the woman’s dog down the trail. On the descent, they spotted a bear on an adjacent trail. 

Fire crews temporarily turned the dog over to Santa Barbara County Animal Services. Animal services personnel later reunited the dog with its owner. 

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I am curious about what type of shoes she was wearing…hiking boots or sandals?

How much did this cost us to have a fire man walk a god for saken dog down a trail and get paid. Sigh. Idiots.

The “fire man” gets paid the same amount if he’s walking a dog down a trail, or if he’s out training in the field, or if he’s just sitting around the firehouse watching TV. And anyway, what do you suggest they do, let the dog roam free and get eaten by that bear?

Rattlesnakes blend in with their surroundings and are very hard to see. One has to be careful and watchful of where they are walking.