SLO County warns public of scammers claiming to be law enforcement

May 15, 2023


The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a phone scam that appears to originate from law enforcement, investigators announced on Monday.

As part of this scam, a caller claims  there is a warrant for the recipient’s arrest. The scammer may sound convincing and use real information about the victim, while using the name of a real SLO County deputy.

In addition, the scammer appears to be using sophisticated technology  that makes it look like the call is actually coming from the sheriff’s office or a police department.

The caller then tells their target they can clear the warrant by making a cash transfer or through a debit card or gift card.

“We want to caution residents this is a scam,” investigators said in their announcement. “The sheriff’s office reminds you that it is not our practice to contact residents by phone regarding these matters. Anyone who receives a call like this should report it to their local law enforcement agency.”