Wade Horton picks up assistant Santa Barbara County administrator position

May 1, 2023

Wade Horton


Former San Luis Obispo County Chief Administrative Officer Wade Horton picked up the assistant executive officer position for Santa Barbara County, CEO Mona Miyasato announced today.

Horton resigned his SLO County executive officer position in March amid an evaluation request. Two member of the new majority on the Board of Supervisors called for a performance review of Horton in early March.

Horton is slated to begin working for Santa Barbara County on May 15. His duties will include overseeing departments that provide key community services and leading priority initiatives requiring interdepartmental collaboration.

“I am thrilled to be adding Mr. Horton to my executive team,” Miyasato said. “He is a proven leader, collaborator and community builder, with a heart and passion for public service. He has the depth of experience, skill and courage we need to improve and transform county government in a post-pandemic world.”

Horton, who was selected after a nationwide search, will assume duties currently performed by Assistant County Executive Officer Jeff Frapwell, who will transition to part-time this summer and focus on key projects. Horton is a registered Civil Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.

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He is a new idea, if we have to put up with these ridiculous Golden Parachutes, why not pay it like the normal folks get their unemployment, a check every two weeks until the person gets a new job. Of course then people like Horton would just hold off accepting the new job until the 6 month window and their last check arrives so no money really saved, plus we can’t have the elite treated like the regular people.

Horton, who was selected after a nationwide search, will assume duties ,,,

And there he was, walking down the road, thumb out, looking for a ride.

Surprise. Surprise.

Happy to hear.

With any luck, his new office will be in Santa Maria? Orcutt is not a bad place live, it is not a campus town.

Given a typical night downtown or around CP not being a campus town might not be a bad thing.