Four in 10 residents considering leaving California, poll finds

June 29, 2023


Four out of 10 Californians are considering moving out of the state, despite the majority of residents holding favorable views of life in California. [USA Today]

A statewide poll covering key trends in public opinion found that, while 40% of Californians are considering leaving the state, 70% of residents have high levels of happiness with living in California and applaud the state for its diversity. Among the residents considering moving out of California, the majority say it has become too expensive to live in the state.

Only 29% of Californians say they feel satisfied with economy, down from 41% at the beginning of 2020, according to the California Community Poll. 

Approximately 59% of Black people and 34% of Latinos reported facing added barriers because of their race and ethnicity. Additionally, 81% of Black women surveyed and 62% of Hispanic women reported facing barriers to receiving fair wages.

However, approximately 71% of residents described California as diverse, and 58% said the state’s diversity is essential to bringing people together. Likewise, 68% of respondents said living in California is an essential part of their identity.

Pollsters began conducing the ongoing California Community Poll in early 2020. This month’s survey marked the sixth California Community Poll they have conducted. Research and polling firm Strategies 360 conducts the California Community Poll in partnership with the Los Angeles Times, the Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality, and the Los Angeles Urban League.

As the surveys have taken place, California has had three consecutive years of population decline.

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Life is much more satisfying if not worried about money all the time. California is best at squeezing every last penny out of working-class people. It’s what California does best. That being the case, I do not feel sorry for working-class people because they keep voting for the same idiot politicians. How long has Bruce Gibson been a Super?

They will spread what ales California, “blue-aria” and for the remaining 60% let’s all vote red.

Ah… now let’s share California’s tremendous success to the rest of the nation! Not.

We can love California but California doesn’t love us:(

Anyone with less than millions in the bank at retirement age pretty much has to leave California for any type of quality of life!!!

Wow!… If Newsom somehow becomes the US president it’s going to get pretty darn roomy throughout the Country…

Good Job Gavin… lol if you want to be president you have to do a good job as a governor… In my opinion….

It’s because California has been so good to them that many people are considering moving, because they have built up so much equity because of California property values, they can move to a less expensive state to live like kings and queens. They are not moving away because they dislike California. They are simply cashing in their chips from a very successful run in the state

What do you expect when California has 6 of 10 are takers leaving 4 of 10 to pay for the 6.

Why Did 352 California Companies Flee to Other States in Three Years?Low-to-no income tax states gained $391 billion from California during 2018 to 2021

By Katy Grimes, May 29, 2023 9:03 am

The exodus is going to get exponentially worse as there are fewer people to squeeze money from and it’s just going to get more expensive to live here.