Paso Robles man guilty of trafficking cannabis, gets probation

June 15, 2023


A Paso Robles man on Thursday pleaded guilty to trafficking black market cannabis on Interstate 44 in Missouri and received five years supervised probation.

Silvestre Avila Villanueva, 31, pleaded guilty to delivery of a controlled substance in which a charge of child endangerment and of possession of a controlled substance were dropped in exchange for the suspect agreeing to a seven-year prison term. After the defendant accepted the plea deal, the judge suspended the prison sentence and placed Avila Villanueva on supervised probation for five years.

On Oct. 7, 2022, a state trooper pulled Avila Villanueva over for following to closely. After determining he appeared nervous, the trooper searched Avila Villanueva’s trunk and found 20.5 pounds of marijuana.

A juvenile passenger in the back seat told the trooper he was unaware of the pot in the trunk, leading prosecutors to include a charge of child endangerment.

San Luis Obispo County is becoming a hot spot for black market cannabis. In 2021, deputies in Nebraska arrested a Paso Robles teen caught trafficking 145 pounds of cannabis on Interstate 80.

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And what crazy premise did the officer base his search upon? That the driver was supposedly “nervous”? In other words, the cops are saying that if you’re nervous, you are subject to search. This guy didn’t need to plead guilty. It’s the cops that broke the law.

Everything in the article implies the guy lived in Paso and got caught transporting weed across State lines. Plead to 7 years prison, got 5 years probation…. I would love to think the prosecutor strongly objected. Paul Harvey is screaming out, “WHAT IS THE REST OF THE STORY?”

And all the poor dispensary owners are struggling to pay their taxes in California.

If we could figure out how to tax the pot and people leaving California all our problems would be solved.