Hit-and-run driver takes out fire hydrant in Pismo Beach

July 15, 2023


Pismo Beach police are searching for a driver who slammed into a fire hydrant Saturday morning and then fled the scene, police said.

In the early morning hours, the driver hit the fire hydrant in front of Pismo Beach Premium Outlets on Five Cities Drive. The collision caused water to gush into the air and onto the street.

Officials temporarily closed the southbound lane of Five Cities Drive, causing traffic to backup. The roadway has been reopened.

Investigators are reviewing city cameras in an attempt to track down the perpetrator.

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Police should check out local auto body repair shops. Hit and run vehicle will have severe front end damage.

Future billionaire: first person to invent a better fire hydrant, one that doesn’t spew when hit by a car. We can send a Man to the moon but we haven’t figure it out how to prevent fire hydrants from continually being knocked over and flooding neighborhoods.

Hydrants like that already exist.

Actually, there is a pipe fitting the hydrant is bolted to that is designed to break off if hit by a vehicle so the piping underground is not damaged and the street will not require being excavated.

But then you would complain that the indestructible fire hydrants cost too much money for the poor taxpayers. Round and round we go.