June unemployment up in San Luis Obispo County

July 21, 2023


San Luis Obispo County saw an uptick in unemployment in June with the number of unemployed residents rising from 4,200 to 5,000, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

While many business owners are still struggling to find employees, SLO County’s unemployment rate rose to 3.5% in June, from 3% in May. During the same time, the number of people in the workforce remained flat at 139,800.

During June, job losses were seen in the private education and health sector which lost 300 jobs and in the wholesale trade industry which lost 100 jobs.

SLO County’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 3.8% and the state’s 4.9% rate.

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So you have many more jobs available but higher unemployment and why is that? I don’t think there are to many people that want to work for $20 hr. You can’t even get a non college educated person to cut your grass or weeds for less than $25 hr and most want to charge per the job which they will make a lot more per hr.

It’s not feasible for most people to live in San Luis Obispo on a $20 hr wage. Housing is too expensive, plus the costs of owning and insuring a car, utilities, food (expect to eat out twice a year). Low income earners have made great strides over the past few years, but we need to get this County’s affordability under control – cheaper housing and usable public transit would go a long long ways.

Those numbers point to 400 people reentering the job market and re-registering with EDD.. They are back in the market looking for work.

It is a sign of a healthy economy when you see it.

We are back to full employment. Inflation is under control and the lowest in industrialized world. Which are the two things the Fed is mandated to be concerned about. It can quit raising rates as a result.

Curious what the unemployment rate is actually, when you include anyone on disability, “not looking”, etc.? What percentage of the “working age” population is actually working?

Unprecedented high employment. Thank you City Council, Board of Supervisors (?), Governor Newsom, and Joe Brandon.

The one sector not seeing job losses is the government sector, which needs to.

Local businesses need to realize $20/hr is no longer a Bachelors degree required position… Should be the minimum for SLO county imo. If you think that’s outrageous; your job probably isn’t paying you a fair share either Greed is rampant in 2023!

Is your idea for a $20 minimum wage in SLO County taken from that “winning” Bidenomics playbook? Most folks would agree that inflation is high enough without forcing even more on us.

15/hr x 160hr = $2400 – taxes = $2000… A room alone in SLO is $1000 for non students( rent, utilities, wifi ). Gas strictly for a job within 10 miles $100 min. Phone bill $75. Car insurance $75. Health insurance $100. Any sort of “extra” like Netflix, hobbies, and weekend travel $100. Leaving $550 for food and emergencies. About 20 dollars a day to spend. I DARE ANYONE TO GO A WEEK ON THAT BUDGET. Let alone be expected to thrive and want to support our current system. Boomer mentality needs to die off asap.

Also; if you think either of those morons currently in the lead running for our next President of the United States is getting my vote?! Absolutely not.