Bruce Gibson says one thing in SLO, another in Sacramento

August 22, 2023

SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson


We have a San Luis Obispo County supervisor who votes one way in SLO County and presents himself the opposite way in Sacramento.

On Feb. 7, the SLO County Board of Supervisors approved their state legislative/regulatory platform. This platform was approved unanimously by all SLO County Supervisors, including Supervisor Bruce Gibson.

Item 14 in that platform says, “Oppose any measures or legislation that reduces the Super Majority vote required to raise taxes from 2/3 to 55%.” In item 15 of that same platform, the first sentence states, “Oppose any legislation or initiative that proposes to modify Proposition 13.”

On August 8, at the Board of Supervisors meeting, a motion was made by Supervisor John Peschong and seconded by Supervisor Debbie Arnold. That motion stated, “The board directs the staff to return on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, with a discussion regarding Assembly Constitutional Amendment ACA-1. This motion was defeated by a three to two vote that included Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s vote, blocking the possibility for a public discussion of ACA-1.

District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson is SLO County’s representative to the California State Association of Counties (CSAC). Last Thursday, on August 17, he led a rally in front of the State Capitol endorsing the gutting of Proposition 13 with the proposed Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 (ACA-1). If this is placed on the ballot and approved by the voters, it will reduce the voter threshold for new property taxes, assessments and sales taxes from 2/3 down to 55%.

SLO County Board of Supervisors should send a letter to the California State Association of Counties that Supervisor Bruce Gibson does not represent the SLO County State Legislative Platform.

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I’m totally in favor of revisiting Prop 13, despite the handwringing and shrill rhetoric of those who consider any changes the 3rd rail of California policy. It’s unfair. Worst, it’s regularly abused by corporations who can well afford reassessments.

… and the sky won’t fall if it’s changed. It helps too many California families.

What are you saying, it helps too many families?

Lets fix the corporate abuse but not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

People are already leaving the state in droves because of the high cost of housing here.

Is anyone really surprised Gibson is lying again? Its not like he has never done it before.

It appears that Supervisor Bruce Gibson is very generous with our money and wants to make it easier to get new tax dollars. Yes we pay taxes for public works to fund road maintenance and or improvements as needed but sadly Bruce and others have channeled that money to better provide homeless services. Most don’t know this but the unhoused, uncleaned and other drug addicted consequences already know and new faces from all over the country. They have discovered our county and will line the freeways and byways with tents and stuff while they go to signup for the perks. Also, they now have discovered SLO. Just like the results of Cal Poly, we will get with new permanent residents. There are always consequences, a law of physics.

This is what I hoped for with Jones, a gov’t cost cutter. NOBODY controls local spending.

This seems a little silly. The BoS Legislative Platform is a sprawling document that is built on compromise in order to present a unified front to the State ( However it does not exclude Supervisors from privately opposing certain policies. What about on pages 5 where the platform resolves to preserve funding sources (taxes) or page 13 where the platform resolves to support off-shore wind projects? I imagine supervisors Peschong and Arnold don’t fully align with these policies; I don’t see commentators insinuating their hypocrisy. What a nothingburger!

What’s new pussy cat?