Truck slams into railroad bridge on Highway 101 in SLO

August 23, 2023


A truck crashed into the railroad bridge above Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, scattering debris and causing southbound traffic to back up to the bottom of the Cuesta Grade.

Shortly after 4 p.m., a truck with a flatbed trailer that was carrying a tree trimming truck hit the railroad bridge near the southbound Santa Rosa Street offramp. There were no reports of injuries from the crash. [KSBY]

Crews came out to the scene to assess the damage to the bridge. CHP Captain Greg Klingenberg said it is believed a portion of the truck only struck the railroad bridge, but workers were also examining the California Boulevard overpass.

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SLO County’s Finest

Thankfully the horns didn’t sound, the primary Diablo escape route was closed for business again.

Actually if I have the location right, this accident happened before Highway 1 interchange so basically any southbound escape routes were open and northbound did not have any delays so rest easily all escape routes were still available.

More Vaseline Needed .