Nearly 3,000 PG&E customers lose power in SLO County

August 16, 2023


Nearly 3,000 PG&E customers lost power in San Luis Obispo County on Wednesday evening.

Shortly after 5 p.m., 2,955 PG&E customers from downtown San Luis Obispo to Santa Margarita lost power. PG&E estimates the power will be restored by 9 p.m.

By 7 p.m., power had been restored to all but 1,528 PG&E customers.

The cause of the outage remains under investigation.

PG&E’s “fast trip” feature automatically shuts off power when an object strikes a line in order to prevent equipment-sparked wildfires. Because of this, a tree branch or a bird hitting a wire can lead to a power outage.

Once an outage occurs, crews embark on a lengthy inspection process of all wires in the area, which must take place during daylight hours.

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